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The Janitor's Closet

Created by lott007

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Map Info

The janitor's closet is a horror map with jumpscares! Compatible with multiplayer but it is not recommended. I hope you enjoy! ;)

You are asked to be a substitute janitor at a school, you go to get the cleaning supplies, but then weird things begin to happen around you . . .

Settings: Turn brightness max, turn sounds on and turn music off.

IRL settings: Put your headphones on, turn your lights off, and play at fullscreen.


Map Details

Creator: lott007
(180 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 3.1 MB
Added: 2017-10-17
Downloads: 5,850
Category: Horror Maps


+1 TheUltimateDestroyer I liked this map, I played 2 of your maps in my video and this was one (the other one is The Figure in the Mineshaft).

Video -
(0:00) The Figure in the Mineshaft
(5:05) The Janitor's Closet

2019-06-24 19:08

+1 luckman Does this map have a flicker, because I have been stunned by a flicker before: )

2018-03-11 09:00

+1 lott007 Quoting hi:
dude the jumpscare looks like a normal head to me is this fine

No. This is probably the result of playing offline. The head should be white and black with red eyes

2017-10-30 23:36

+1 Silverlance Loved this map and its joining me on my Minecraft week on youtube. Check it out on

2017-10-30 13:10

+2 hi Quoting lott007:
Hey guys, thanks SO MUCH for playing my horror map! Should I do part 2???

dude the jumpscare looks like a normal head to me is this fine

2017-10-28 05:55

+1 hi its so much scary i want to thank you
that so aweom hahahah

2017-10-25 00:12

+5 Charlies Map Reviews First of all i would like to say, this was a great horror map. The jump scares were very good and well spread out, making me not expect them. Although this map was very good and strait forward i would like to give you a couple tips/constructi ve criticism.

Story - 9/10
This map had a very interesting and unique story, but i think you could have added a bit more to it.

Horror/Jumpscares - 9/10
This map had the perfect amount of jumpscares, although i felt it could have been a little more scary

Redstone - 9/10
Lots of great command block techniques were used in this map. Great job :)

Building - 6/10
Okay. This is the one thing that i would consider changing. This map was a little plain and didn't really have to much detailing. I think if you added more detail and made it a little more exiting, the map would be even more amazing. If you need some tips on detailing, consider watching the Youtuber "Grian" as he has very good, and helpful tips on how to build.

Map Publishing - 7/10
You had a good amount of screenshots but i think you could have made the thumbnail of the map a little better.

Overall - 8/10
Overall this was a great horror map and i will look forward to other maps you may make in the future. - Thanks for your time - Charlie

2017-10-20 20:53

0 Sean Short, but scary!

2017-10-20 18:27

+2 lott007 Hey guys, thanks SO MUCH for playing my horror map! Should I do part 2???

2017-10-19 23:22

+1 SeanFilmProduction the 1st jumpscare got me OMG

2017-10-19 09:27

+1 JemmexDJ19 Omg I jumped so hard when I opened the chest !!

2017-10-18 17:28

0 booster This map was okay. Using just bricks for the entire school was rather lazy. Maybe next time add some more texture to the walls / floor. Some of the jumpscares got me and were rather well done. Add more of a unique element to rather than just making a generic walk around get scared and unlock doors.
Map: 6/10

2017-10-18 06:36

0 Cam Nice map! I made a video on it!


2017-10-18 01:39

+4 sassyangel112 I loved this map! It was short, but creepy! I really enjoyed it. I didn't get too scared to where I screamed but I still jumped. Lol. If you are interested in checking out my video I recorded of it here it is Thanks :D

2017-10-18 00:08

+2 orangepenguin7 Every Jumpscare Got Me But Good Map Bro :) Cant Wait For A Part 2

2017-10-18 00:00

+2 Benirt Nice i love the idea hope you make more

2017-10-17 19:04

0 diamonddude678 I jumped at the scares but it was really good, but when he said should i do it at he end was kinda stupid but this map was good keep up the work.

2017-10-17 18:31

+2 nehorai really good horror map but its too short

2017-10-17 15:14

+2 WhiteZoom A short map, but scary!

2017-10-17 12:30

+1 TheMCPinerYT Hey Great Map! Is surely recommended! I will make a Let's Play off this and send you the link soon!
You can use the video but please do leave some credit!
Do try This map It's Awesome And not too long!

2017-10-17 07:13


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