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The Contract

Created by FatzyCat

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Map Info

A great short map around that provides 1-2 hours of gameplay. It has a few parkour courses, puzzles, and one dropper. Throughout the map, the mini-story adds just a touch of narration and fear.

Singleplayer recommended

Overall easy to medium challenge

The Rules:

  • Music off
  • Clouds off
  • Weather on
  • Brightness moody
  • Render distance 6
  • Gamemode adventure
  • Difficulty easy or higher
  • Make sure to step on every pressure plate

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Map Details

Creator: FatzyCat
(113 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 7.9 MB
Added: 2021-03-05
Downloads: 6,914
Category: Horror Maps


+1 Zed Hey there, creator! I've been playing rating a lot of maps recently and feel like I could give you some tips in case you want to continue creating maps. Firstly, without meaning to sound rude, the player can tell you either have little or close to no experience or simply didn't put much time into the creation. See, with over six and a half thousand downloads and not a single comment, you can probably tell people didn't come back to like the map or report bugs. Admittedly, it's quite difficult to have bugs when there are just about no command blocks. Have you played other people's maps, horror maps especially? They tend to have everything made with commands and functions - not pressure plates. There are some handy little things called gamerules, and judging by the fact that you have a bunch of them listed on the very confusing spawn room, you know about them, just didn't quite use them correctly. See, you can't just have the difficulty on easy or higher all the time AND /gamerule domobspawning true, if you haven't spawnproofed the entire area. There were more mobs spawning outside than anywhere else. Staying on the topic of mobs: horror maps tend to avoid PVE because that is just a waste of time and takes out all the atmosphere if not executed perfectly. Luckily for you, there was no atmosphere to be lost - just unlucky for the player. What can also help a great deal with atmosphere and scare-factor are - no, not excessive jumpscares - a logical storyline. You wrote in the description that there was just a little bit of story sprinkled in here and there, and while that very well can be an amazing device for suspense and atmosphere, it's also very difficult to use well. The player just feels thrown into a map made by someone who has no idea how to actually make maps (which is a thing every mapmaker faces in the beginning, but that's why people get tips from more experienced creators and google how commadns work) with zero lore and no logical progression. What do you need a parkour for in a horror map? Why an insulting maze? Why a room full of spawners? Why a dropper full of meaningless mineshafts? Horror fans don't expect actual gameplay or challenge in a map listed as horror, they expect lore, they expect chilling experiences, they want goosebumps - not to be insulted by a dead end in an underground maze. Honestly, this map would have been better off as an adventure map, or even as puzzle or parkour.
In short: this map was not particularly well made and not very scary either. We all have to start somewhere, so hey, at least now you have started and can improve from here. Next time, try taking more time and making it scarier, or, if you are more comfortable with gameplay rather than horror, try designing an adventure map! Many creators on this website have ways to be contacted (including me! Please feel free to hit me up on discord, you can find me in this website's official server under "zedbeevee", I'd love to help you!). If you need help with technical stuff, you can probably hit them up. Good luck with new creations, Mr. or Mrs. Fatzycat! :)

2021-08-02 12:25

0 TempishXD how many players can play on this map?

2021-05-19 22:29


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