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Rising Flood

Created by TheSwagUnicorn

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This is a minigame where you attempt to survive a rising flood and be the last of your friends to survive! Battle it out! Starting with a 5 minute Grace Period Each player will loot, mine, craft all resources they need to build upwards and give an advantage over other the other players. You will only be eliminated if you die to the water

Underground there are 3 unique rooms, a creeper cave, iron mine, and diamond ore vein, you can also find slowpearls, golden apple ingredients, and much more!

Above ground you can find trees, animals, sand, gravel, villagers, and their houses!

1)5 min Grace Period

2)Water rises by 1 level every minute

3)Water rises by 10 every level minute

4) Water rises by 13 every level minute and gives all players a slowpearl

5)Border shrinks


-Beds ARE allowed
-You will only be eliminated if you die to the water!!!

- No PvP during grace period (preferably)

-Every time the water rises it deletes everything on that x/z plane as to prevent "submarining"

-You cannot build outside of the border so take notice if it shrinks

-It is smart if you bring dirt, a sapling, and light to grow trees for more building materials

-Nighttime will not spawn mobs, it is only to punish those who didn't bring light


Map Details

Creator: TheSwagUnicorn
(266 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 4 MB
Added: 2020-04-25
Downloads: 8,320
Category: Game Maps

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-1 fart is the water an instant kill?

2021-06-20 23:39

+24 Isaac Hi! this looks like a amazing map, can't wait to play with my family!

2020-04-25 22:08


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