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This was part of an abandoned map called Harry Potter in Minecraft, because its abandoned I decide to release some parts (that I made) of it as minigames. Many map makers worked on Harry Potter in Minecraft, but all the redstone found in this minigame was created by me. Your goal is to catch the snitch, because you are the seeker (you are Harry). The other 13 players are armorstands with custom AIs. The Quidditch match in this map is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, in Year 1.

Creators: McTsts, EnderPig, kthecat21, nobworld, PercydaGreat, PixelVolt, SpiderBlowsUp, spiknief, booty156156, BrokenLight312, Diegzz, infinitydrago, rafakado, DEL2 & Mllster

This map has 13 custom AIs for all the quidditch players except you, there are also working brooms. All the balls from Quidditch (i.e. Snitch, Quaffle & Bludgers) also exist in this map. The map counts the points of each team and can be easily restarted.

How to Play

Your goal is to catch the snitch. You can do that by flying around and looking around and following it when you find it. You should also try to not get hit by bludgers because that hurts you. You control the direction you move in with W, A, S & D. By looking up and down you can move your broom up and down. Looking straight keeps it in the air. And looking straight up or down moves you very fast in that direction. Selection the first hotbar slot moves your with normal speed, selecting slot 2 or higher makes you faster (depending on the slot), but that also makes it harder to control the broom. Slot 1 is advised for most of the time. (This is also explained in the map itself)

What the balls do: Quaffle:
The chasers are trying to catch this ball and throw it through the golden hoops of the enemie team. If they hit their team gets 10 points. If not thrown or held by a chaser the quaffle slowly falls down and hits the ground at some point. If a ring is hit. The quaffle will reappear in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch. Snitch: The seekers are trying to catch the snitch. The snitch moves around very fast and randomly and is also very small, that makes it hard to catch the snitch. If a seeker catches the snitch their team gets 150 points and the match is over Bludgers: There are two bludgers. Beaters follow bludgers and try to hit them. If a player collides with a bludger, they get nausea, spin around and slowly fall down, hitting a bludgers is quite dangerous. Bludgers fly around very fast and randomly.

What the other 'players' do:
Seeker: Flys around on different paths, try different feints like the Wronski Feint and follows the snitch when he spots it Chasers: If the quaffle is in the air one chaser of each team targets the quaffle and the other two fly around that chaser in strategic positions. If one team A has the quaffle the two chasers without quaffle fly around the chaser with the quaffle in strategic location, one chasers of team B attacks the chaser with the quaffle and the other two team B chaser fly around him/her strategically. If the chaser from team B gets to the chaser of team A three things can happen, the chaser of team A throws it to another chaser of team A, the chaser of team A lets it fall down and nobody has it for a short moment or the chaser of team B grabs the quaffle and throws it to another chaser of team B. Chaser with the quaffle will fly to the enmies goal hoops and will try to throw the quaffle through one of them. Keepers: Keep flying in front of their teams golden goal hoops. If a chaser with a quaffle of the enemy team gets close and throws the quaffle at one of the hoops the keeper will try to block it. Beaters: Each beater follows one of the two bludgers, if they reach the bludger they will hit it in the direction of an enemie and will then follow the other bludger.

More pictures can be found here.



2017-04-16 - Map Released.

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Map Creator: McTsts/EnderPig external
(225 votes)
Map Version: v2.3
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 20 MB
Date Added: 2017-04-16
Downloads: 7,688
Map Category: Game Maps

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