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Minigame Blitz

Created by DarkPiep

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Play a total of 25 Minigames in one arena!

Minigames range from classics like Spleef and TNT Run to more unique games like Swim Up and Chorus Collect.

All minigames are fast pasted and loads of fun! This map has it's own game gallery where you can learn more about all the minigames.

Have fun playing with your friends.

Recommended Players: 2 - 8

Map Details

Creator: DarkPiep
(514 votes)
Version: 1.08
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 5.8 MB
Added: 2018-04-21
Downloads: 28,765
Category: Game Maps


+52 1.13 Is this gonna be 1.13 ever?

2018-08-06 02:21

+12 Wardoe aww, Sadly my spawn is broken (Command blocks not working ) there is no play button and that)

2018-08-03 11:21

+8 dslynx Oh, and to go with the 9+ player request, we realized there is a bug. The 9th player always wins and their score goes up, even though they can't play.

2018-06-17 15:41

+4 dslynx Is there any possibility of removing the 8 player max or explaining how to? I didn't realize the 9th player would be forced into spectator mode and we had a party with 9 players. :(

2018-06-17 15:36

+5 GabelaGarlaSrl I seen this map on Thea & Crainer Channel but did not know was named...
and this map is awesome

2018-04-29 10:01

+10 Fortune Ventures This map is good! We enjoyed all the different mini games, and there are a lot! We could play this map for hours! What made it extra fun was each round the mini game changed! We recorded it for YouTube, if you like you can check it out here: Hope you like it! :D

2018-04-27 08:51

+7 potatosaurusrex Quoting CrankySupertoon:
Have you heard of servers. Now why should i dl this instead of going on Hypixel

Because Hypixel doesn't have some of these games, and it's private.
You can also put the world on your own free server...

2018-04-27 06:48

-20 CrankySupertoon Have you heard of servers. Now why should i dl this instead of going on Hypixel

2018-04-26 19:19

+4 CrazyBrent Well, can you do the map with bukkit or spigot

2018-04-24 08:19

+9 Nukacho So good map for multiplayer! #VOTE

2018-04-22 10:11

+6 Komasan wow this map is very nice job

2018-04-21 18:15

+11 BellyWelly Love this map.

2018-04-21 14:58


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