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Magma Runner

Created by Rogue_Baron

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Magma Runner is a drop down racing game where players rush to be the first down as magma falls from above.

There are several speeds as well as items to enhance gameplay.

Map is recommended for 2+ players but can be played with only one, though items cannot be used.

If you record a video for this, please provide a link to the map. A link to my channel would be appreciated but is not necessary!


Map Details

Creator: Rogue_Baron
(365 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 654 KB
Added: 2017-03-11
Downloads: 58,680
Category: Game Maps


AleshQ So, we've tried it and... Magma spawns in 2-3 sec everywhere

2018-12-20 19:23

Fortune Ventures Hey! We played your map! Also tried the Reloaded edition, we liked to see each other run for better target practice :P, which is why we recorded the original one but we liked most of the new features you added in the new map! ^^ If you like you can check out our video here:

2018-01-27 23:04

BenDAbunny12 is this map a 1player map?

2017-03-27 21:13

Indo_Cool I like Your map, your map so cool

2017-03-21 08:08

DerionIjasz Awesome map, beat it on normal and hard with no deaths and all obstacles activated haha, nice map and not too hard!

2017-03-19 09:34

MatNicZa Great Map played it with my friend. Really tense and i loved the power ups. Creative game play. This could be played single player or multiplayer but most of the power ups only work in multiplayer. 8/10

2017-03-15 09:45

Rogue Baron Quoting Hapyl:
We are have a bug with Your map.
Look at GIF:

Did the problem persist? Or was it a one time issue, I will look into it.

2017-03-13 11:22

We are have a bug with Your map.
Look at GIF:

2017-03-12 12:45

FALC0N This was the best game map ever it was sooo tense and i played it with my friend and we kept getting ahead then something goes wrong like we go the wrong way AMAZING MAP i highly recommend this map

2017-03-12 05:46

TylerK This map is awesome!!!

2017-03-11 23:03

SimplyExtraordinary I was working on a map with the same premise, but cheers to ya, man. I might make a video on this map with a friend as well.

2017-03-11 16:25


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