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Button Breakout

Created by TheEmblem2114

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Welcome to Button Breakout!

This map combines classic Adventure map puzzle mechanics with the more recently popular "finding" objectives.

Make your way from the dungeon where you've been imprisoned out beyond the castle gates to freedom!

Through 6 total levels including aspects of parkour, puzzle-solving, and even a brand-new sneaking mechanic, you'll find buttons and silver coins to increase your score.

Each button you press gives you two points, but there are also two coins hidden in each level. There may also be a secret coin stash hidden away somewhere...

Play alone and try to find all the coins, or with a friend to compete for the highest score!


  • Read everything. There are no signs, books, or titles that are not helpful hints.
  • Don't cheat. This map has been tested extensively and there should be no way to get somewhere you're not supposed to be, but don't go out of your way to break anything.
  • If all else fails, look harder. Things are hidden well, but not impossible.
  • There may be a time or two when you need to go back to a previous level for something you need!


(and check out my other videos and maps)


Map Details

Creator: TheEmblem2114
(139 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 11.4 MB
Added: 2020-03-14
Downloads: 10,091
Category: Finding Maps


+23 yorcadon Absolutely cannot figure out the locked chest. Did everything else no problem, found the gears etc no problem. No clue with the locked chest.

Also behind the Lumber Mill, facing south, you can jump up and get onto the castle wall and jump outside the town area.

Cool level though. Just can't figure out the chest.

2020-03-19 00:18

+5 forrrteeetoooo first level where is the button?

2020-03-17 22:04

+3 ylipona OMG best map e v e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r ! ! ! ! !

2020-03-16 19:43

+6 kamila its so good

2020-03-16 10:14


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