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Snowflake Dropper

Created by NeoMc

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This map is part of the Map Advent Calendar. A special holiday event comprising 24 maps, one everyday until Christmas.

Everyone knows how to play dropper! But in Snowflake Dropper, things are a little different! Instead of landing in the water, you are landing on a target. And instead of surviving, you must focus on points!

Each color closer to the center of the target grants you more points! If you land in the bulls eye, you get six points. You receive one less point for each ring around the first. Landing on the giant random snowflake gets you no points!

Play alone or with friends for the highest score! The game even calculates averages!

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Map by NeoMc (
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Map by NeoMc!
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Map Details

Creator: NeoMc
(124 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.8
Added: 2015-12-06
Downloads: 10,409
Category: Dropper Maps

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-1 ktmh96 Heres my video playing the map

2015-12-20 12:41

-2 Luigi_MC Very great version of the Dropper! It was a bit buggy at times but was easily able to oversee them and still have loads of fun with the map, thank you for putting you time and work into it!
My gameplay of this map:

2015-12-12 17:51

-2 AshelyTheUnicorn Fun and Challenging Map! :D

2015-12-10 20:09

-3 ZephPlayz Here is my gameplay of snowflake dropper!
Great map.

2015-12-07 23:52

-1 Myst Xtreme I liked playing this one. The points system was much less frustrating than the Do or Die of some dropper maps!

Did a Let's Play on this one.

2015-12-07 23:30

-1 James96 A fun map! A bit buggy but a great concept! Would be great to see some more variations added if this map ever gets revised! Here's my video!

2015-12-07 20:11

-1 NeoMc V1.1 fixes the bug Logdotzip found in his video! It will be up soon!

2015-12-06 21:04


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