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Created by _TheCrims_

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After 3 years in development, its finally here. This map is multiplayer friendly, and provides a good challenge for newcomers to the CTM genre and a great experience for CTM veterans.
I put lots of time into this map, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Please feel free to record/stream the map, I love watching you guys play!


An easy mode for newcomers to the genre!
16 objective monument & 14 objective bonus monument
Items and mobs with custom command-block mechanics
30 - 50 hours of fast paced, action packed gameplay (don't expect to beat in one sitting)
A spell monument with custom upgrades
Custom area mechanics (such as keys, time travel, vampires, and much more!)

Difficulty: 6-8/10 (gets progressively harder)



Map Details

Creator: _TheCrims_
(362 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 132 MB
Added: 2019-11-19
Downloads: 16,047
Category: CTM Maps


0 deadspirit111 great map just played with a friend absolutly fantastic for a sit back and chill kind of map not overly challening and the void areas are made with good use. we never had any kinds of food or torch issues but where always right on the edge of our gear. fun map and great to 100%

2021-06-11 00:58

+103 heliceo almost as good as ragecraft

2019-11-23 20:30

-30 cooly1234 The building is good, but I could not find where I had to go. It needs to be more clear ctm maps are usually more divided. At least the map LOOKED great!

2019-11-23 20:13

+36 CooleyBrekka This is an absolutely fantastic map that will give you massive amounts of fun and playtime. All the areas feel engaging and most importantly fun to fully clear. 10/10 recommend to players of all skill levels

2019-11-23 19:56

+34 BBD yo man how can I activate super easy mode? I set easy mode but inventory save didn't work so I guess there might be a seperate super easy mode? Me and my friends have been struggling with it

2019-11-23 04:56

-18 Artourious How are you exposed to get iron? Were at the water place where the farms are and they require iron im wondering if we mine down for them or if there is a specific spot for iron

2019-11-23 03:49

+20 Grayone9 THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hope it doesn't take 3 more years for another one! ;D

2019-11-22 22:03

-18 _AuroraRiolu_ When I started the map, I was suffocating and when in spectator, all I could see was a land of stone. Please fix the teleportation

2019-11-20 23:01

+28 Vinicius_162 How many maximum players can play this map?

2019-11-20 11:42

-8 anon cool, pls tell requirements for map cuz every time I try maps from this site 70% of them doesnt even start

2019-11-20 02:27


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