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The Map

Created by FireCub_

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This map only works in Minecraft 1.13.2.

Map Info

This is one of the CTM maps. Collect 4 different wool blocks from 4 different branches (Parkour, Maze, Questions, Arena) and defeat The Creator during boss battle.

Downloaded archive has 2 different folders. There are 2 maps translated to English and Russian. Choose your language and put folder into you minecraft saves.



Map Details

Creator: FireCub_
(77 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 4.3 MB
Added: 2019-06-22
Downloads: 3,974
Category: CTM Maps


BlueWolf9375 I spawned in the void so I had to change to creative to get up.

2021-12-13 15:41

Corrupt Keep crashing when I join, cant even load the map

2021-10-28 21:06

Corrupt Spawned into a plain world.
Any fixes/any specific version to play in?

2021-10-28 21:01

Jefta The strength part is way too hard, even the easy option is still way too hard. Even if you cheat and play on peaceful, it takes forever to even find all spawners. You could at least given full diamond because it was definitely needed for this, I had to cheat sorry, it would just take way too long to win that

2019-08-02 19:06

K3nX This in the best map in my life. Its very cool and comfortable map!

2019-07-31 12:54

Felix I thought that the map was good. And also you cant say that it is copying diversity 2 just because it is a CTM map. Good job FIRECUB_

2019-06-24 19:33

Austinitsua Just finished The Map. For starters, you've got talent for sure. Some concepts were pretty fun to play with and test out. TNT parkour, unique maze designs, a giant magma cube that scared the hell out of me; there's fun to be had here. Unfortunately, The Map suffers from several examples of inconsistent difficulty and tedious habits. Slowly making progress up each tower in the Strength section was not fun at all, and the Guardian tower felt so much easier than the other two. Glass Pane parkour took me 25 minutes, compared to the others which took ~5 minutes. Maybe I'm just really bad at parkour, that could be a possibility, but this map needs a lot of polish.

Another Note: the structure is way too derivative of Diversity 2, almost to a point where it seems to flat-out copy elements from that map. Changing the design of the branches could also add some more flavor.

3/10 Potential, Needs Redesign

-Austinitsua, CTM Map-Reviewer Person

2019-06-23 06:34


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