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A Fracture in Space

Created by The_Sky_Rider

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When the machine you build breaks and rips a tear in the fabric of Space, pulling you into the rift. Using the random jumps between worlds you must puzzle out a multitude of puzzles (many requiring other ones complete to do), conquer the unconquerable and fix your machine before its to late, But as you explore the realities your trapped in, you discover a darker cause behind the machine's failure,

Note: Due to a lack of play testers there might be minor glitches, I have play tested this map multiple times and I try to do things someone who hasn't would do but I know my map inside out and I might of missed a few glitches, I would be grateful for any feedback on glitches or bugs so I can patch them, (I would also like a video of this but I can't edit video with any success), Sorry if any glitches ruins your game experience

When (and if) you complete this map you will soon be able to play the sequel to this, "A Fracture in Time" (When I complete it, And it should be better)


Map Details

Creator: The_Sky_Rider
(50 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 4.7 MB
Added: 2021-05-26
Downloads: 6,062
Category: CTM Maps


+4 minecraft master this is such a fun map!!

2021-06-02 20:05

+5 Coyotea Had so much fun with this!! I love the puzzles, and the concept is super unique! It was fun to find items, explore the map, and solve puzzles! Would definitely recommend playing if you have free time!

The main issues I came across was the boss fights, the glitches and the nausea.

I'll start with the nausea, because its quick to cover. Nausea effects usually dont bother me much, but seeing it every 10 or so seconds got very, well, nauseating. I'm sure this could present as an accessibility issue, as the effect almost turned me off of playing, and I have no underlying issues that make nausea effects worse for me. The fix is super simple. Just turn nausea off in accessibility. But I think it would have been nice to have some sort of heads up about the effect, and how to fix it.

The boss fights were fun, but incredibly frustrating. It was very repetitive, especially the Ender Baron fight. Not being able to save through stages was annoying, as it meant you would have to redo the first two phases all over again in each attempt. This would have been fine, had the endermen not just been hit sponges that take ages to beat while not being difficult at all. The baron itself was fine. Not particularly difficult but not too easy. I enjoyed being able to see his health and run around the arena.

Perhaps I would suggest giving the endermen less health, and saving the players progress after each phase. (Honestly, either on their own would have worked as well)

In terms of glitches, this was far easier to fix, but incredibly confusing. Oftentimes, I would be attempting to solve a puzzle, and suddenly I was outside of the map. It was an easy fix, as all I had to do was /kill, and most of my progress wouldn't be lost. The most frustrating instance of this, however, was when I finally finished the game. The instant I was teleported away to the final room, the dimensions switched and I was outside of the map. I can see there's something made of diorite that I'm assuming is meant for the endgame, but I am constantly teleporting and I can't figure out where I'm supposed to be. This is fine though, as I already finished the game, but it is a little disappointing.

Didnt mean for this to end up so negative, because I really did enjoy this map!! I just would love to see how you can take this further with a Fracture in Time!! This concept has so much potential and I'm excited to see what you work on going forward! ^^

2021-06-02 15:34

-2 Musa Its to hard

2021-05-30 09:01

0 h-dawg Hi there! This map looked really cool so my friend and I wanted to play together, it kept crashing whenever we would hit start game. Had to reset a couple times and same problem. It ran the story part just fine though. I'll try it out again in single player, it looks really cool!

2021-05-28 18:42

+2 Chuck8708Gaming I could help play testing the next map.

2021-05-28 13:48

-1 guest works in multiplayer?

2021-05-27 21:26

-1 Liontack I had problems loading the map. Only after several attempts it started to work, only to get softlocked within 5 minutes. This is not a fun map

2021-05-27 18:14


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