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Hogwarts Castle

Created by Gabbel

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Welcome to Hogwarts Castle!

This is my version of Hogwarts, complete with more than 400 unique rooms, halls and corridors. The castle is greatly inspired by the Harry Potter movies, but I have rescaled and rearranged the buildings and added some things of my own. The map only features the castle itself (no forest, quidditch pitch etc) but pretty much all indoor locations mentioned in the books and films are there. Naturally, I made sure to add lots of secret rooms and easter eggs, and for those who really like exploring, there is a scavenger hunt where the prize is to write yourself in as a proper student of Hogwarts!

A few of the places one can find in the castle:

  • The Great Hall
  • The 4 Common Rooms
  • Philosopher's Stone Challenges
  • Chamber of secrets
  • Creatures Gallery
  • Frog Choir Room
  • Jinxed Detention Classrooms
  • Art Gallery
  • The Library
  • The Kitchens
  • 3rd floor corridor
  • Prefects bathroom
  • Lost Wands
  • Armor Gallery
  • Bouncy Room (You didn't know there was one of those did you??)
  • Red Room
  • Study of Ancient Runes Classroom
  • Dueling Room
  • Room of Requirement
  • Chess Club Room
  • Gobstone Club Room
  • Peeves's Room
  • Ghoul Studies Classroom
  • Quiet Room
  • Secret Student Sweetshop
  • Firenxe's indoor Forest
  • Hospital Wing
  • Owlery
  • Troll Toilet
  • Trophy Room
  • Wine Cellar
  • Death Day Party Room
  • Map Room
  • Rube Goldberg room
  • Astronomy Classroom
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom
  • Transfiguration Classroom
  • Alchemy Classroom
  • Apparition Room
  • Ancient Studies
  • Philosophy Classroom
  • Flying Theory Classroom
  • Theatre Classroom

Enjoy exploring!


This update takes the map to version 1.16, as well as adding lots of new command block features such as:

  • -Boggart fighting in the Astronomy Tower.
  • -Gravity reversing corridor.
  • -Mini quests to access certain areas.
  • -Jinxed corridors and Anti-Jinx Cloaks in the Weasley shop used to walk around them unaffected.
  • -Magical tools used to unlock certain secrets/rooms.
  • -And a bunch of other random details.

- Added some more collectibles to the map! Now there are 150 loot chests containing Chocolate frogs around the castle, as well as 15 Extra Secret ones with unique Chocolate Frog Cards.

- Made some fixes to the map and its scavenger hunt.


Map Details

Creator: Gabbel
(1532 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16
Size: 7.1 MB
Added: 2020-08-21
Downloads: 49,447
Category: Castle Maps


+1 yoshi so it turns out you cant die from hunger.. now im stuck with all this items... my frogsss aghh my hidden objectsss aghhh

2021-11-05 18:50

+1 yoshi i love the map 1st ever map I've downloaded I've always wanted a Hogwarts map and this just made me cry like literally the joy that ive felt when entering the world was indescribable.. . i don't know why but i wasn't very active in all the scavengers hunts i just wanted to explore the castle for its beauty but for some reason i guess my luck is pretty high today i keep on discovering all of the secret places without even trying like the first ever room that ive entered was the Weasleys shop and i didn't even enter through the front door.. well anyways i was not supposed to write this but i got nothing to do just waiting for my max hunger to die down so that i could die cause i got stuck in the music room haha thought there would be a trap door behind the crimson blocks but there's not and the poison that i found in the medics wing didn't work haha.. well thank you for the lovely map and have a nice day

2021-11-05 18:22

+1 Josh Can u tell where is The gryffindor room in the biggest tower I don't see any red area

2021-10-23 17:57

+1 Joe the blob Quoting mamoungz:
where's the Weasley shop?

near the dueling club hall concealed in a painting of 2 people fighting

2021-10-07 02:35

+1 Mg96 Quoting mamoungz:
where's the Weasley shop?

there are multiple entrances into it, but the easiest one to describe is the one in the dueling room (NOT the dueling practice room). Behind the right hand side of the stands in the dueling room, there's a trap door on the floor, with a ladder leading right down into the Weasley shop.

2021-10-04 17:30

+1 mamoungz where's the Weasley shop?

2021-09-26 08:06

+3 ChemiQ Amazing work, beautiful castle!

2021-09-16 08:40

+3 Toosht Ive been searching for hours and still cant find the Weasleys shop, pls help

2021-09-02 03:45

+3 Parker I got the ladders from flitwicks and put them up going up to the divination tower, but I still can't get up the ladder. Help?

2021-08-26 03:01

+5 clara Quoting Gameprince98:
Awesome map, but can't find the room of requirment.

try looking in the the gryffindor hiden rooms

2021-08-19 20:02

+5 clara Quoting DiamondDaisy209:

Yes! I only didn't have find the Hufflepuff room ...

Hint: The Slytherin room is hided

Im dying trying to find the slytherin room

G is in the tower part where everything is red, you will find a portrait of the 'fat lady'
H is neer the kitchens inside a wine thing
R is very near the the G one and its not hiden at all good luck

2021-08-19 20:01

+5 Paradox_66314 Love the map, very beautiful and detailed
1 single problem, WHY did I start randomly spawning rabbits nametagged "Boggart" out of nowhere!???? thousands of them! Spawning! Following me! /kill couldn't keep up with them!!

2021-07-22 13:47

+3 namerequired Quoting Isabella:
i like the map but i just cant find the slytherin common room or dorms for the scavanger hunt

see the little building off to the side of hogwarts? there's a spiral staircase somewhere inside. the Slytherin common room will be accessible by pressing a button on an emerald block. a piston door will open to your right but only for a moment so be quick about it.

2021-07-03 16:27

+4 Autumn I’ve been exploring around for a hot minute and I’m not able to find the castle. Any pointers?

2021-06-29 01:26

+2 Marco Best Map I've ever played downloaded. woooooooooooooo oooooooooooooww

2021-06-18 07:15

0 jejona Quoting Michael:
at what coordinates is the castle located?

-168 91 448 i think

2021-06-13 14:35

+2 AMOGUS i looked around for 1 hour for the weasly shop
where is it?

2021-06-12 16:05

0 Chloe I cant find the hufflepuff common room anywhere haha

2021-06-12 04:53

-1 yoyo How to leave flitwick private comtemplation room?

2021-05-26 13:58

0 Nice I read the desc, but do you have the ceiling in the Great Hall that changes with the weather and time?

2021-05-23 14:47

0 Ima_Ducky Hey! Love your map, so detailed so impressive, but I really need help!! I can't find the Weasley shop. I know the directions between the dueling hall and the transfiguration room. I've found the room and only the dueling practice I'm stuck!

2021-05-20 19:57

-1 Kingasaurus III Where is potions room

2021-04-12 00:22

+7 on screen text hi i was just asking if i could go around this on my yt channel? just exploring and trying to find stuff. thanks

2021-04-10 12:40

+2 DiamondDaisy209 Quoting Cam:
hey i was just wondering before i download, is there the 4 common rooms?

Yes! I only didn't have find the Hufflepuff room ...

Hint: The Slytherin room is hided

2021-03-28 10:21

+3 DiamondDaisy209 Quoting Trevor:
I've been playing on here for about 5 hours and I still can't find the Gryffindor common room where is it!?

In the biggest tower

2021-03-28 10:20

+5 Aadya am not even getting the guts to discover. this is so amazing. i mean. wowwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwww

2021-03-16 13:21

0 Jaas Quoting Cam:
hey i was just wondering before i download, is there the 4 common rooms?

Yeah there are just read the desc it tells everytjing!

2021-03-11 02:24

+2 Octavia O cool love it

2021-02-25 21:25

+4 Zuza at what coordinates is the castle located?

2021-02-16 12:58

-1 emily Quoting Michael:
at what coordinates is the castle located?

i cant find it either

2021-02-10 08:52


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