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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Adventure maps are mainly story-based and can contain a variety of different mechanics.

Minecraft Version: 1.18 | 1.17 | 1.16

Fixing Christmastown

Fixing Christmastown

Welcome to the North Pole where everything is jolly and bri- wait a second... I'm not even paid to do this, let alone hide all the problems!

Creator: slamjam30 MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-12-15 Downloads: 3,058
(109 votes)
File Size: 29.1 MB

Opera House Hitman

Hitman Thumb

YOU are a skilled hitman, your mission is to go into an Opera House & Eliminate 3 separate targets. There is more than 1 way to kill each. Try not to kill any civilians if you can & avoid Security!!

Creator: Bloody_Duckers MC Version: 1.16.3
Date Added: 2020-12-15 Downloads: 3,373
(71 votes)
File Size: 42.1 MB

Illager Island


Illager Island is a single/multiplayer Minecraft adventure map that takes place on a boat and then travels to an island. Created by DoctorChosen. The map is designed for up to 4 players.

Creator: DoctorChosen MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2020-12-15 Downloads: 8,077
(131 votes)
File Size: 33.1 MB

Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine!)


This is a map in which Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine has been created as an exact replica!! There are music discs and parkour located all around the map for players to explore this insanely detailed and crazy awesome map!! 

Creator: yomikester238 MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-12-12 Downloads: 4,458
(83 votes)
File Size: 19.2 MB

Trouble in Christmas Town


Christmas is nigh and Santa is missing in Christmas Town. Solve puzzles, interview suspects, and uncover many secrets in order to find him and save Christmas. You just might find that there's some shady business going on in this supposedly joyful community.

Creator: But_Im_Innocent MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2020-12-12 Downloads: 7,466
(272 votes)
File Size: 4.6 MB

Spirit World


You have to shift between real and spirit worlds to complete various quests and to save the spirit world.

Creator: BlueFurnace MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-11-25 Downloads: 3,761
(226 votes)
File Size: 4.7 MB

The Shadow RPG

unknown 10

The Shadow RPG is an epic loot grabbing and boss fighting adventure map with custom buildings, bosses and more!

Creator: Xrlylyl MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-11-17 Downloads: 6,695
(170 votes)
File Size: 14.1 MB

The Last Crystal

Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 2.12.19 PM

You are thrown into an abandoned prison by your town. You must now find your way out. On the way, you run into someone you'd never expect. You get lead down an unexpected adventure to save all humanity.

Creator: PrestonEpicNess MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-11-17 Downloads: 8,719
(135 votes)
File Size: 10.4 MB

The Forbidden Realm


Explore a temple to find your lost father and unravel the truth behind his disappearance and why you are there in the first place. You will soon realize this place isn't what is seems.

Creator: Bluespace110 MC Version: 1.16.2
Date Added: 2020-10-31 Downloads: 4,275
(183 votes)
File Size: 5.44 MB

Raid of the Cursed Tomb: Chapter I

R.C.T Main

When you get back from work you found out that the map with the coordinates to the island that your dad has found has been stolen. As soon as you found that out, out you were already on your way to the island...

Creator: Simon_Bakes MC Version: 1.16.3
Date Added: 2020-10-27 Downloads: 2,447
(127 votes)
File Size: 63.8 MB

Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster

-You're special forces & you've been assigned a covert operation by the company you work for. Your mission? Break into a mysterious lab on Planet Kyro to steal a device they have created, what could go wrong? Turns out, a lot...

Creator: Bloody_Duckers MC Version: 1.16.3
Date Added: 2020-10-24 Downloads: 3,222
(133 votes)
File Size: 155.43 MB

An Adventure of a Lifetime.. A Fully Voiced Adventure


Explore a highly detailed world with over 220 voices.. Use real guns and hand cannons and 3d modeled weapons.. All in vanilla Minecraft...

Creator: Mick_5 external MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2020-10-17 Downloads: 12,175
(371 votes)
File Size: 574 MB

Temple of the Lost Titan


Temple of the Lost Titan is a multiplayer adventure/puzzle map designed for 1-5 players (works best with 2-4). The map has a playtime of around 90 minutes and includes all types of puzzles, parkour, backtracking, and more!

Creator: DoctorChosen MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-10-17 Downloads: 4,681
(81 votes)
File Size: 28.2 MB

The Legend of the Blue Tide: Episode 2


LOTBT: Episode 2 is a sequel to a renowned adventure map that stresses thinking outside-of-the-box to solve its puzzles and challenges, without much guidance from the map itself.

Creator: EOSand MC Version: 1.16.2
Date Added: 2020-10-17 Downloads: 1,647
(37 votes)
File Size: 124.1 MB

The Underworld


This map is about adventures of the caves of minecraft, but theses have been improved as reality.

Creator: Martinwinou MC Version: 1.15.2
Date Added: 2020-09-29 Downloads: 8,058
(276 votes)
File Size: 50.7 MB
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