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The Enigma

Created by BlakeyBoy313

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Map Info:

**This is the sequel to The Darkest Night**

Complete with dozens of challenging riles, frustrating parkour, optional side missions, and +1 and a half hours of gameplay, Batman: THE ENIGMA will not disappoint. The Riddler escaped Batman's grasp once in Gotham, but you must make sure it doesn't happen again. After trailing The Riddler for days, soon, you find yourself right in the middle of Arkham City.

Shifty eyes leer as you attempt to hide in the shadows, wondering where Nigma has gone to now. A note left behind signals that this is no longer a game, and your rivals are no longer joking around. The Riddler is now working on a toxin that, if released, will poison all of Gotham. It is your mission to stop him.


1. Do not destroy blocks unless a book or sign tells you to.

2. You are only allowed to place Redstone Related blocks. (Levers, buttons, etc.)

3. Keep the difficulty on Easy or Above.


5. Gold nuggets will be scattered around the area. They are your score. See how many you can find and post your scores on the forums. (There is one EXTRA RARE emerald somewhere. It doubles your score.)

Also, if you are going to do a let's play, (First of all, I would be honored) but second, please note that there are several parkour challenges in this map. After the second or third try, skip to the end, because NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU FAIL. That will be all.

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Map Details

Creator: BlakeyBoy313
(11 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 3.45 MB
Added: 2012-12-30
Downloads: 31,339
Category: Adventure Maps


0 reddec85 Better than the prequel, by far! I really enjoyed these maps, and found 30 gold nuggets and 1 emerald.

2017-05-28 21:14

0 Riziokid2 Not as good as the first but still good. 8/10 :)

2015-08-31 04:26

+1 Stevie Hi, I played your map, and the mapping was WAY better than the first, I loved everything. It was great map to play, loved the storyline, I got a little mixed up with where some of the riddles were, but nothing a Google search could help. As well as the Nether portals messed up where I was but that got fixed too. Thanks for making the map, PLEASE make another one of these Batman maps there TOO good!

2014-09-28 04:35

-1 Ferns Plays Minecraf Hey, I am doing a youtube walkthrough on this and I am stuck on the 2nd riddle. Where do you go?
Please Help!

2014-08-04 14:57

-2 SANJA I have 41 gold nuggets and 2 emeralds :D

2014-05-11 16:04

-1 Marko 33 gold nuggets and one emerald. BEST MAP I EVER PLAYED!!!!!!

2014-05-02 16:09

-2 Brendan The Miner I got 35 nuggets and 2 emeralds BTW Loved the map!!


2013-09-22 05:04

0 Toto5678 That was the most amazing map i have ever played 10/10!

2013-09-08 03:13

0 ThePcGamingClub Here is the first part of a playthrouhgh for this map. I am enjoying it a lot!!

2013-07-03 04:39

+2 kobyybok definitely the BEST map ever but...
since batman arkum origins is coming out soon you should make a origin of this i think it would be GREAT

thank you for making this map!

2013-06-28 12:08

0 The Batman Thanks for making these awesome maps they are really fun and enjoyable.
(got 40 nuggets and 8 emeralds)(the butcher traded books for emeralds ;)

2013-06-08 02:49

+2 littlebot09 both of the maps are great.(38 gold nuggets and the emerald

2013-05-12 04:50

+3 ME so where do you go for riddle #7.. im so confused...

2013-03-30 20:16

0 Anukis So, I liked the first one, and this one was OK... hear me out: I didn't even finish it... but 1) I hate jumping puzzles and 2) I somehow went straight from riddle 3 to the end of the game :/ so I was kind of screwed over. I didn't have trouble finding where I needed to go before but this one left me backwards and obviously missing 90% of the game which is super frustrating for me. I liked the constant night, and use of teleports I thought you did really well on, but it could use a huge tune-up with direction and flow of game play. 'Nough said...

2013-02-22 02:41

+1 RismakPanic Loved both the maps!!!! i found it really fun and not as hard, there was only once that i did not get the riddle.

Nice job and there should totally be more maps from you!!!!

2013-02-02 20:38

0 Tra_kad Well, I forgot to post score after I did map, and I deleted it for more room, so I don't know it BUT I do know I got the win emerald.
All in all, good map, very unique, and I kinda had to play in peaceful because I lag to hell if on hard or normal.
(also when the Riddler tried to make me kill villager, I just broke the fence, :P)

2013-01-24 00:42

0 TheIdiotFarm This is a great map and we had a lot of fun playing it, the riddles were challenging and fun to work out, the first map was good but this one took it to a new level, thanks.

We did a Let's Play for this map so check it out...

2013-01-23 20:19

0 jjnewbrey i played the first one and thought it was great. i look forward to playing this one. just from the description i can tell that you played your idea off of Batman: Arkham City. i hope this one is as good as the 1st.

2013-01-22 23:28

+1 Cl0wnslayer Sweet, Great Map, Its up on my youtube channel
P.S I Completed The Map, No Errors For Me

2013-01-21 21:21

-1 BlakeyBoy313 Everyone! If you liked my maps, then you'll love this.
On my website, I'm currently hosting build challenges. This month's challenge is to submit your best survival map to my site. There will be one winner, who will in turn receive a mention on the site, images of his or her map posted, and the link to download. Anyone can apply, but you must first become a member to the site. Leave your email, minecraft name, and a link to the download in the comments. Specific instructions can be found on the site! Thanks! :)!minecraft-build-challenges/ccph

2013-01-21 01:13

+1 RanyothePineapple I love the map (and the first one) but I did have some problems. After solving where to put the button in the brewery, the post office blew up on me. is that normal?

2013-01-15 08:50

0 random im stuck on riddle 4, i dont know where he makes the toxin! HEEELP

2013-01-14 19:52

+1 Jon I'm stuck! Riddle 2 say to read a book. That means the library right? But after the parkour challenge it gave me riddle 12. Saying something about inmates.

2013-01-12 20:05

0 onlymonkey6 this map was awsome!! you should make more batman maps. or even any other maps i will play them all :D. my score was 54 gold nuggets 1 emerald

2013-01-12 19:16

0 SirAmor Cool, best map EVER!!!!!

2013-01-11 02:39

+2 anarchir The teleport button at the top of the tower was blown up when I used the TNT, oops.

2013-01-10 19:54

-1 Lemonaidan What are the co-ordinates for the spawn?

2013-01-10 05:37

+2 Tra_kad Mario, the noise you heard might have been a cave noise, they happen all the time radomly...
Or it could have been Herobrine...

2013-01-09 22:36

+4 Blakeyboy313 Hey guys, if you've liked my maps so far, you really need to check out my website! I've got loads of great comics, several minecraft exclusives, links to my youtube, and more! Soon, you'll be able to test drive my newest betas and leave me suggestions, whether they be to help or give me a map idea of your own. Ill be featuring the best "Let's Plays" on the page and will host several minecraft build challenges soon! Also, you can interact with other users on the forums and promote your own maps if you wish, so just help a guy out and visit! Thanks! :D


2013-01-09 12:38

-3 bambamoops123 score: 46 gold nuggets 1 emeralds

2013-01-07 15:27


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