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**This is the sequel to The Darkest Night**

Complete with dozens of challenging riles, frustrating parkour, optional side missions, and +1 and a half hours of gameplay, Batman: THE ENIGMA will not disappoint. The Riddler escaped Batman's grasp once in Gotham, but you must make sure it doesn't happen again. After trailing The Riddler for days, soon, you find yourself right in the middle of Arkham City.

Shifty eyes leer as you attempt to hide in the shadows, wondering where Nigma has gone to now. A note left behind signals that this is no longer a game, and your rivals are no longer joking around. The Riddler is now working on a toxin that, if released, will poison all of Gotham. It is your mission to stop him.


1. Do not destroy blocks unless a book or sign tells you to.

2. You are only allowed to place Redstone Related blocks. (Levers, buttons, etc.)

3. Keep the difficulty on Easy or Above.


5. Gold nuggets will be scattered around the area. They are your score. See how many you can find and post your scores on the forums. (There is one EXTRA RARE emerald somewhere. It doubles your score.)

Also, if you are going to do a let's play, (First of all, I would be honored) but second, please note that there are several parkour challenges in this map. After the second or third try, skip to the end, because NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU FAIL. That will be all.

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2012-12-30 - Map Released.

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Map Creator: BlakeyBoy313
(11 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.4.7
File Size: 3.45 MB
Date Added: 2012-12-30
Downloads: 31,395
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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