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Nivenska Nights Saga

Created by VentureRealm

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Note: The download is for the singleplayer version, if you want to play on multiplayer, then download it here.

VentureRealm Staff Present:

NIVENSKA NIGHTS SAGA - Nivenska is a large Medieval town in a mystical kingdom that always seems to fall into a bit of trouble, play through the saga as you the hero help it from its untimely fate.

The Stories:

Main Story 1 (Mayor's Letter): The town has just requested the presence of the hero(es) as their protector Aethaennyn has passed away and the undead begin to rise once again. The hero(es) has to search for the Beacon of Amrath at the Alter of Afterlife and stop the dead from walking the Earth.
Main Story 2 (Ritualistic End): The town has been plagued before by the Wither King. The reaper once defeated him with magic but some of his remains were scattered and he was not truly defeated. It is up to the Hero(es) to solve the riddle of the Wither Skull and defeat the Wither King once and for all.
Main Story 3 (Dragon Dawn): - COMING SOON!!!! YES, THERE WILL BE DRAGONS!!!

Side Quests: There are numerous side quests that will be added as the main story line develops, some simple collection quests, other not so simple unlocks and extended quests. Below is the current list of side quests. '[Book/Quest Name] - Quest Info'

[Ashes To Riches] - Collect all 260 Diamonds hidden across the town/outskirts
[Reaper's Tale] - Find the 3 keys to access the vault and unlock special weaponry/armor
[Captains Log] - Collect all 12 music discs hidden across the town/outskirts
[Sacred Key] - Locate 4 dragon eggs, take them to the hidden shrine and unlock special items
[Green Gold] - Collect all 128 Emeralds hidden across the town/outskirts


This adventure map was designed for multiplayer mode but can be played single player
- Exciting storyline (5 Hours+ Gameplay)
- Spectacular scenery and buildings
- Vast landscape, endless exploration
- Ultimate free-roam experience
- Constantly evolving / being updated
- For Minecraft 1.4.6+
- Recommended 2 to 4 Players
- Recommended HARD mode for best experience
- Recommended Mods: Rei's Minimap
- Recommended texture pack: Derivation (HD Texture pack needs patching. Use Optifine or MCPatcher) 

We have been working hard on this map for over 250 hours and always appreciate it if you leave feedback. There are likely to be a few bugs too so if you spot them please get in contact

Contact Us:

Website: www.venturerealm.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: VentureRealmMC
Twitter: VentureRealmMC

Map Details

Creator: VentureRealm
(6 votes)
Version: 4.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 32.8 MB
Added: 2013-02-04
Downloads: 42,698
Category: Adventure Maps


0 NixVal The black background and white letters really hurt my eyes when reading about the details of this map (above, on this website)
Anyone else think so?
Wish you would just make it the white background.

2014-12-11 03:39

-1 minecraftlover4 Where's da library?

2014-07-02 06:33

-1 minecraftlover4 In the orphange you will find Tommy's diary, it says something about a key. Look for an item hopper with a trapdoor over it,left click the item hopper, the key is inside.

2014-06-30 22:36

0 minecraftlover4 Was I suppoused to go skydiving into the ender portal in the room with a ton of mobs...

2014-06-30 17:35

0 Unit769 I'm a bit confused. I think I found the secret entrance to the King's tomb (just outside the dwarf castle), but I can't find the amulet to open it. Was it in the Elven Village or is it in the Dwarf castle?

2014-06-04 04:21

0 EnsylonArrnoo Hi i made a video of this adventure map on youtube! :D if you have 15 minutes then go check it out please! :D


- EnsylonArrnoo

2013-07-25 11:39

+1 Aethaennyn @Zervexon The book of dimensions is suppose to be dropped in the secret sanctum you get teleported to however the translated version which is readable is in the elven forest

2013-07-08 01:00

0 Zervexon I got to the place with book of dimension is supposed to be, but its not there D: what do i do?

2013-06-18 19:19

0 Zervexon I got to the part where there's stairs under sandstone with the 3x1 water and got book of dimension text, but my inv was full and i didnt get the book. Is it in one of the chests or am i missing something?

2013-06-16 22:48

+1 Zaddicus Just released the 4.0 version of this map, some amazing new areas well worth looking into. . .

2013-04-02 15:06

+4 Sharky And The Bear For those partial to comedy gaming highlights, our channel is featuring a playthrough of this outstanding map. The final part will be released on Friday. Check us out here, if you have time for some chuckles:


2013-03-14 11:38

+1 Aethaennyn @Samuel make sure command blocks are enabled on your server (server.propert ies) also chech the Redstone in the starting block behind button isn't active

2013-03-08 17:06

0 Samuel Hi, so I'm having a small issue.... I start the map, read the books and click the button.. Then nothing happens, what did I do wrong?

2013-03-07 20:50

0 Zaddicus @charlotte awesomefac You can skip this quest if you like its free roam ^_^ however I suggest getting the start book and location the skulls because it ties into the sacred key quest which ties into dragon dawn :)

2013-02-28 15:43

0 charlotte awesomefac could i just SKIP the wither part? please respond. O.O

2013-02-27 22:17

+1 conoh233 Awesome map cant wait for the next part

2013-02-20 14:35

+5 MarvalodreGaming Hey! I liked this map so much that I made a LetsPlay! I would be honored if you guys checked it out and gave me some feedback
Episodes go up every third day

2013-02-16 12:33

+1 Dante252 It's a very beautiful map, I can tell that a lot of effort has been put into it.

Good job!

2013-02-14 22:55

+9 Aethaennyn Just to make people aware there is a newer version of this map available ^_^ and its much much better xD

2013-02-14 21:56

+3 Zaddicus @Dahne10 go to the stables, jead out into the wilderness following the path there is an archway, under the arch is a rock with a creeper face on it, climb on top to find a trapdoor, the tomb is inside. V3.0 should be out next week and we have improved this plus added a map ;)

2013-02-11 16:10

+4 Dahne10 I have looked everywhere for the tomb and I can't find it. Someone please help.

2013-02-10 18:42

+6 Xenogelion Making a lets play of this, great fun!


2013-02-10 10:12

+4 Battlefront819 I see what you mean. Thanks for your consideration!

2013-02-08 16:18

+4 Zaddicus @Battlefront819 we will take this into consideration ^_^ V3.0 will have keep inventory by default when you press the updated gamestart button

Were also planning a map on the official website so that the main places are highlighted, as for waypoints it might be a bit awkward because of the freeroam

2013-02-07 23:14

+8 Battlefront819 I really enjoyed this map. However, I have some suggestions for the mapmakers:

Keep Inventory
I felt the lack of KeepInventory took away from the fun of this map. I actually turned it on so I didnt have to start all over :P

Many adventure games have waypoints you can reach. Waypoints are unlocked as you find them, so the adventure aspect of the map is still kept.

2013-02-07 06:14

+3 funnyzakk awe i played it in single player :P

2013-02-06 22:22

+3 Zaddicus @wish list, its a free roam map, basically your in adventure mode, quests are in the books so you just explore and do the quests. More information can be found on the venturerealm website and I will add a rulebook into V3.0 when its finalized.

2013-02-06 20:40

+2 Wish List what are the rules?

2013-02-06 14:42

+3 Nercel Very nice map, I had a lot of fun exploring it.

2013-02-06 14:02

+3 Zaddicus That would be awesome, I will gladly watch it ^_^ just email me a link,

2013-02-06 02:39


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