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Monster of the Deep

Created by Baricza

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Monster of the Deep is a medium sized adventure map. You are the captain of a submarine exploring the deep ocean.

You see something on the radar coming towards you and you begin to experience problems. This map includes parkour, puzzles, PVE and a custom boss fight.

This is singleplayer ONLY and for minecraft java edition 1.13.2.


Map Details

Creator: Baricza
(150 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 974 KB
Added: 2018-12-21
Downloads: 6,169
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Larissa I killed the crab boss but the 3rd door is not open. I don’t know what to do to get it open. Am I missing something?

2021-05-18 21:41

+14 ProxyRipJaw okay I dont know if i'm just really dumb, but I cant get past the part right after the lever puzzle. the water leads to no where I can make progress, and I can barely see anything.

2018-12-30 19:06

-3 yexla I enjoyed it. And if you take time to think and learn this game can be beaten. I would rate 8/10> (:

2018-12-26 20:26

+5 NoOne Omg i hate it when people make it impossible to go into creative, im did the boss but i cant actually leave, i cant look if theres something else because of this stupic command block which puts me into creative

2018-12-23 15:29

-1 gameplayer70 This map was interesting, but it was a little difficult figuring out how to progress in some places. Besides that, the game is pretty short, but you did a good job with your build!

2018-12-22 18:24

0 VanStudios This reminds me of "The Meg" movie, if this is a fan game! You did a great job on the game!

2018-12-22 11:50

+7 xmccormicksx I'm not sure if this is just how it ends, but after defeating the boss battle, it says "I can finally leave this cave." or something like that, but there's no actual way to leave. I'm not sure if it's the map or that how it's supposed to end. This map was also sort of confusing and vague with what was supposed to be done to continue, to be honest, otherwise fun to play.

2018-12-21 17:53


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