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Monkey's Illusion

Created by TheMalas

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Map Info

The map features different types of puzzle, custom weapons, a lot of items, custom music and a fun enemy AI.

This map has been made in only 3 days for the Yeggs' Spring map jam, if you don't know who they are, i recommend you to check out their web site.

The map is available to download on the 'The Brickmasons' web site ^-^

Remember to play the map in 1.16.5 !!

If you play the map in multiplayer you can download the resourcepack here.

If you manage to finish the map on permadeath difficulty and unlock the achievement, send me a dm on discord (TheMalas#7506) with a screenshot and You'll be credited in a future version of the map^-^

A special thanks to Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio for the kickass music XD


Update v0.7
-Updated to 1.16.5.
-New keybinding. (easier to learn and use)
-more balanced difficulties.
-Bug fixes.


Map Details

Creator: TheMalas
(89 votes)
Version: 0.7
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 11 MB
Added: 2021-03-31
Downloads: 7,856
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 KeyDevy Hello once again! I have replayed this fun map but this time... I have accepted the challenge to take on permadeath mode!

Here's the video: https://youtu.be/BXfzaULiFYg

I'm going to prove to you that I can take on the challenge and be the best gunman on the Monkey's Illusion Map!

The video will start @ 11:15 pm EST and you will see how it all ended by watching my playthrough playing this cool map! Also, great job TheMalas!

2021-08-07 02:58

+1 KeyDevy Hello, and I have played your map! This map is one of the best maps I have ever played and keep up with the good work! I also will do the challenge for the permadeath so I can prove to everyone that I can be the best gun man in "Monkey's Illusion"!

Here is my gameplay: https://youtu.be/1at5Xp83tgQ

Just keep up with the good work and I did play your other maps! They are very good and I will do another one when I am done with the edits for the KeyDevy Adventures Series!

2021-08-06 01:15

0 Endermoosh Hi, My keybinds don't allow for me to use the F key to pick things up, is there any way to change it to another key e.g. right click or something?

2021-06-04 20:00

+3 Troll486 jeez, comments here just show how dumb people are
can't you just read the text given from the author?
>play on 1.16.5
>WORKS ON 1.16.5???

>if you want to play on server, here link
>is this singleplayer only?

2021-05-02 16:05

+1 JonnW Nothing after the presents works at all

2021-04-26 00:38

0 Rafiki517 Quoting Rando:
im lovin the look of the game but im stuck in the second room and ive gotten the gun

You have to stay in illusion world and defeat enemies. If you transfer to real world at last second, you get stuck with gun in your hand. Use spectator and fly to room above if necessary

2021-04-25 01:49

0 TheMalas Quoting Rando:
im lovin the look of the game but im stuck in the second room and ive gotten the gun

If you're stuck , you can check out the playthrough of the map^-^ https://youtu.be/80GGHFffJDI

2021-04-17 10:41

+1 Rando im lovin the look of the game but im stuck in the second room and ive gotten the gun

2021-04-11 12:00

-1 TheMalas Quoting KovekA:
Does this work on 1.16.5?

No it dosen't. The tutorial part is broken in 1.16.5

2021-04-08 14:19

+1 InTheAirMC Also, I enjoyed the puzzle bits more than the PvP bits.

2021-04-07 03:30

+9 InTheAirMC It is a well made map, especially when you consider that it only took 3 days. However, I do have some complaints.
At the start, it is a bit confusing as to what to do. It took me a while to figure out that you cannot use the illusionetor when you have your gravity gloves equipped. I thought the map was bugged at the time.
Secondly, at the start of the game, when you said "Look at the green lights". The raycasting isn't really accurate. I had to use /tp @s ~ ~ ~ facing entity @e[type=armor_s tand,limit=1,so rt=nearest] to make it work.
Thirdly, about the raycasting of the pistol and machine gun, I don't think they are really accurate. I tried shooting a bunch of enemies, but none really seems to deal any damage. Maybe it's because of the low damage rate, or maybe it's because of the poor raycasting. However, I find the shotgun to be the funnest and best one.
Fourthly, I think the Q swap gun thing is a bit wonky. Using the HotBar would be better and easier to understand.
Fifthly, the mobs aren't really that interesting. I can forgive this cuz its just done in 3 days, but if you have time now, try adding more interesting mobs with interesting abilities :D

All in all, I enjoyed myself. Keep it up!

2021-04-07 03:29

0 KovekA Tested alone, still doesnt work...

2021-04-07 00:25

-2 KovekA Does this work on 1.16.5?

2021-04-06 23:30

+2 Dunk Great map. Feels like playing another game.

2021-04-06 11:54

+2 centycebra looks amazing just downloaded i will surely dm you :) also is it ok for you if i feature this in my youtube channel zombiefied beast gaming

2021-04-06 06:52

+1 EPICNINJAGAMERYT Great Map! I kinda want to record this..........

2021-04-05 04:49

+3 arker42 Great map!

2021-04-03 02:28

+1 TheMalas Quoting Hajimbo:
is this singleplayer only?

Yes, the map is singleplayer only for now. I will soon release a new version of it that will let you play also in multiplayer^-^

2021-04-01 22:24

+2 Liontack Very fun, Great details and nice commands to make this work!! I love it!

2021-04-01 13:47

+7 Hajimbo is this singleplayer only?

2021-03-31 23:54


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