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Minesia - Dark Rift

Created by Cygnos

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Map Info:
Created by: Cygnos

Far away, in a world not that different from ours resides the mighty Castle Ravenrock. The castle was strategically placed in the enormous Shadebark Valley. Not far from the castle was the small but prominent Shadebark Village. As time passed the village started to prosper and more areas were explored, the most intriguing findings were the mystical ruins in the far edges of the valley. 

Then the age of magic began, people began to posses unnatural power, some could even rise from the grave. The young Thomas had just returned from a bloody war in the unknown lands and was titled “Baron Thomas Graves”, in his hours of glory he witnessed the mystical powers people seemed to posses. Thomas found these new powers intriguing and sought to harness them, to create legions of unbreakable knights and become immortal himself. He never truly mastered the arts however. As years passed he became desperate, committing horrific acts to his own people. Thus the plague years ensued.

It started with the villagers showing symptoms of a mild fever. But as time passed it became worse, men, women and children died a slow and painful death. The castle was sealed off from the infected village and the baron was never heard from again. The news of the terrible outbreak quickly spread and Stormport Village had to take a sad but necessary decision. They sealed off Shadebark valley, so no one were able to enter or leave. 

45 years has passed since that horrible incident and you are dreaming... 

- The map can be quite challenging at times.
- The map was created for singleplayer, you can play co-op however.
- The resourcepack is included in the "Minesia - Dark Rift" rar file you download.
- You'll find rules and tips in- game.

- Puzzles (main feature)
- Parkour
- Freaky
- Semi-open world
- "Hidden" lore objects
- Command block "scripted"
- Fully customized environment
- Detailed structures
- Unique items
- Boss encounters (voiced)
- No mods required

Map Trailer

Thanks to anyone that plays Minesia and good luck!

Map Details

Creator: Cygnos
(17 votes)
Version: 2.1
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 139 MB
Added: 2013-08-27
Downloads: 106,285
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Brett I can't place buttons or levers on their correct blocks. It's the correct item but it doesn't want to place. Also I don't receive items that I suppose to get like the horse saddle or from anywhere in fact.

2015-10-09 08:32

+1 EliVasq *Looks at the features list* Freaky?! Is this a Horror Map?! If it is, why isn't in the horror maps section?! But if it is freaky, why is it in the Adventure Maps section?! Is this inception?! WHAT?!?!?

2015-06-01 00:55

0 ajs0034 How long is this map? Like minute wise?

2015-01-25 21:38

0 Colinrog 2908 Did you make this map from the game "Amnesia: The dark descent" ?
Because the sound I heard when your trailer video begins is the sound used when Daniel was standing in a dark place and when you lit the room, it's the same sound from Amnesia the Dark descent!

2015-01-05 18:54

-7 Me This is a really wonderful map.
I, through either derpiness or my slow computer, experienced bugs along the way which I had to cheat myself through (most of the time I just didn't know where to go next, so cheated in the item I needed, i.e. a bow or a lever.)
really enjoyed the map, though I'd like to see how it's actually supposed to be played, lol. A walkthrough would be nice, or a playthrough video in which they didn't have to use cheats.
But all in all, an awesome map, awesome plot, and great music! Keep up the good work, Cygnos!

2014-10-08 06:18

0 potatosalod Dude, this map is just amazing. If I were to have a requirement for this map, it'd probably be "have a change of under-where ready". The sewer part with the water splashing gave me the Heeby-Jeebys, excellent work. Again, great map, and please make more.

2014-09-01 04:19

+12 Sidhi I loved this map. I did a playthrough of it and I've started uploading it to YouTube. Heres the first part:

2014-08-11 01:45

0 Tarheeler526 I LOVE This map very well done and the music made my cry sad map but overall this map was epic

2014-08-09 17:25

-3 Parkderp Can anyone tell me where i can find the engagers key.

2014-08-03 20:15

+1 Daxter_Flamehand The map was absolutely WONDERFUL! Especially the music!

But I have a question: Where did you get the voices from?

2014-07-27 00:01

0 V0ltage007 This map was absolutely breathtaking! Everything about it was amazing, the music was beautiful, for the most part it was very well balanced, the environment was very well built and felt exciting to explore, and the puzzles were clever yet simple. I would complain that the game gets confusing at times, but I found that to actually be part of the map's charm. This map was most certainly one of the greatest I have played in a LONG time, and is exactly what I would hope for out of a good adventure map.

2014-07-25 06:35

-4 Cygnos Quoting ummm.... -.-:
isnt this map from skyrims dawnguard pack? with ravenrock castle ? Which has vampires in it

What? Vampires? And I believe that the castle you're referring to is "Castle Volkihar". No, this is pretty much all me and some amnesia inspired things. The name "Castle Ravenrock" came to me long before the Solstheim expansion came with Raven Rock. Coincidences.. There is actually not a lot of Skyrim focus in this map.

2014-07-13 20:36

-7 ummm.... -.- isnt this map from skyrims dawnguard pack? with ravenrock castle ? Which has vampires in it

2014-07-10 09:47

+2 ThuNDeR777 this one my friends...is the best map i ever played

2014-06-14 12:57

0 Daxter_Flamehand Quoting Daxter_Flamehand:
Anyone know what to do after you get the Furnace Key? (I've already gotten the treasure from the furnace.)

Nevermind, I finished the map.

I especially like the story! Someone needs to make a movie out of this =D

2014-06-05 18:15

-9 Daxter_Flamehand Anyone know what to do after you get the Furnace Key? (I've already gotten the treasure from the furnace.)

2014-06-05 01:57

+1 RaxiusofLithium Just finished my playthrough of this map. Astounding as always! :)


2014-05-31 16:31

0 Rabbit PLZ HELP! I am stuck at the part where you go up stairs and then get a chest but it tricks you and you fall but I don't know what to do now help!!

2014-05-12 23:26

+1 minecraftlover Are there any leads to the next spot in the burning village? Cause I've explored a lot and still haven't found any leads ;)

2014-05-08 23:49

+1 Codykins That was an incredible map. Better than some "proper" games these days. It was perfect.

2014-05-06 09:30

+5 AllisonatorR Quoting FireWolf:
Amazing is all I can say. The story was great, the music was beautiful, the seanery was breathtaking. I give it an 11/10

Although I did get confused at some parts, (I'm terrible at puzzles) I was able to easily find my way back. The only suggestion I have is to supply a lead when you first get your horse; I walked into a building and the horse walked away, and after searching for a while I just had to cheat another saddle in. A lead to tie the horse to a post would be very helpful.
Other than that, this map is one of the best I've played, and I give it a 1000000/10!

2014-05-04 13:38

+8 FireWolf Amazing is all I can say. The story was great, the music was beautiful, the seanery was breathtaking. I give it an 11/10

2014-04-24 01:15


2014-04-15 09:21

+12 Excellent job! very nice map

2014-04-05 13:02

+12 Raxius I never ever get tired of this map. You, my friend, are astounding. This is easily the best map I have ever played. I hope you continue to make more.


2014-04-04 23:31

-3 Cygnos Dear, TheBlockist

Or you could just go in gamemode 1 and fly out.

/gamemode 1 "name"
When you're out:
/gamemode 2 "name"

2014-03-06 12:43

+3 TheBlockist Cygna,

I started playing and made it to the burning village. While exploring around, I got stuck between a hedge, a 2 block high dirt area, and a building. With no blocks to place and no way to break, I am stuck. Might want to fix that bit.

I'll have to start with a fresh copy.

2014-03-05 21:29

+8 4oz_scoop Howdy Cyg! excellent build! excellent music! excellent story! excellent execution!
heres my lets play!

2014-03-03 11:17

-4 Squilliam you need people willing to help? well it would be an honor if i could play test the new map (when you think its ready to be seen.

2014-03-01 16:13

+9 TheAmbientBeard I hadn't played Amnesia in a while and this brought back memories. Epic battles, cool map design, and a sweet soundtrack this map was awesome.

Wanna see people play it?

2014-02-28 20:12


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