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Generator Escape

Created by DilerFeed (Gleb)

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Map Info

You woke up in an abandoned generator room, which is actually an underground nuclear power plant.

There was an accident and you need to prevent the spread of pollution, and then escape.


  • Three detailed locations: generator room, abandoned mines and modern laboratories.
  • Simple puzzles and mechanisms.
  • Easter eggs.
  • Interesting and great plot.
  • Made on a standard resource pack.
  • 20 minutes to complete.


Map Details

Creator: DilerFeed (Gleb)
(67 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 897.92 KB
Added: 2019-04-12
Downloads: 5,119
Category: Adventure Maps


-1 Red_commando this map sucks i had to use creative to finish it i didnt even get into the mines that puzzle at the start didnt work i say this map is just terrible

2019-08-20 23:14

-3 LT. BLOCKSTER I love the map! i recently posted a video on it on my youtube channel! at If the video isnt up then maybe wait about a few minutes. If you dont want the video up, feel free to tell me and ill take it down right away! (unless im asleep then i'll do it in the mornin') :)

2019-07-28 13:02

+7 heroblitz is this map 2 player?

2019-05-27 20:40

0 DilerFeed Hello everyone, that's me. I read all your comments and I already know about the mistakes. Wait part 2, there will be a continuation of the story for another character. It will be even more interesting, I promise you!

2019-05-03 13:53

-1 Chase Bracy Good map
Loved it
Great experience
Nothing to thing of beside escape

2019-04-19 23:42

0 InflamedThunder It's great as a first map there are some problems and things that you should boost up in your future map
The Story: It's great but there are many things in the plot are missing like "Why it happened ? " "Who are you" "What's your turn" and I'm really sure you can add more in the end of the map instead just escaping to the world that it's full of bedrocks.

Mechanics: Not that really. It's all based on finding also, You don't really know what should you do for the next step and that lava trap made lose all my items forcing me to pass that part by cheating. There are also many places that made me stuck inside without escaping such as the redstone puzzle (the gaps between the glass) or when you place the lever on the wrong block. The block that you use it to unlock the doors shouldn't be used on the buildings

The building: It's well made from inside, but not from out side. As the place is in a country you should add more details outside for sure you won't build a city nearby nuclear power, but maybe you can make it in a desert and a highway and for sure it should be the place should be surrendered with barriers and watch towers just to show that it's an important spot .

Conclusion: I didn't really enjoyed the map because of the length and the story. I won't talk about the commands because it's your first map, because for sure you will improve it.

2019-04-18 16:48

+1 victimae At the end, there is a problem to the piston, which is budded, to solve it just replace the block upward with a slab !

2019-04-16 22:09

-1 Thunder Gabe Nice map! There were a few bugs though in the redstone puzzle you can fall down into the puzzle, and there is no way to escape. If you placed your redstone block in the wrong spot, using the pickaxe just gives you a regular redstone block and not one you can place down. At the end of the map I am not quite sure why, but flicking the jammer lever doesn't deactivate the piston like it should. Overaal I did enjoy it though so good job. I played on my youtube channel if you are interested in seeing someone play your map. ch?v=sxVVs3Myxh w

2019-04-16 16:16

-1 Franzi Nice

2019-04-16 12:54

-1 LeFruitcake This map is really cool! Good Job! One issue though... I flipped the jammer on and the exit door won't open. Does it take a while to open? I don't have a button or lever to place on the exit. I really thoroughly checked the place. Anyways, good job!

2019-04-14 14:33

+1 kuro we spent like 2hours playing your game and didn't get far so we quitted it but the reason we where confused and took 2 hours and didnt get out of the first section is cause it spawned me in the wrong place so i didn't get the right info and that fix the spawn location and add a cheat book

2019-04-14 10:28


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