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Just Enough

Created by PiMaster379

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Think you know crafting recipes? Well think again, this map will challenge your ingenuity and inventiveness, and will change your perspective on crafting forever!


Each room will have a set of items in a box, and all of those items are JUST ENOUGH to make target item(s). Drop those target item(s) into the hopper to progress to the next room.

Important notices:

  • This map is for 1.14.4
  • The map takes about 10 - 20 minutes to finish
  • Crafting tables, furnaces (and more) will be automatically placed and removed from your inventory.
  • Answers are available within the map if you are stuck.
  • The map may be a bit buggy, so be sure to put any problems in the comment section.


Map Details

Creator: PiMaster379
(19 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 3 MB
Added: 2019-07-28
Downloads: 1,599
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+1 Yapachi The crafting table I craft in tutorial disappears every time. I cant find it anywhere

2019-08-03 16:09

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0 ALam1470 It was really cool except it would take things like the crafting table or furnace and it won't place it down. So i would have to reset a lot.

2019-08-01 15:00

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0 Anonymous The chest in the boss level is a normal chest instead of a trapped chest so the boss level is impossible

2019-07-31 22:00

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-2 ginio this map sucks, it's impossible

2019-07-31 15:11

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0 SavioP Not my genre, but it's still a very cool map. Good work :D

2019-07-31 11:23

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0 LikeLakers2 Hey there, this seemed like fun (I've yet to play it all the way through, though), but one problem I noticed is that you have to shift-click the benches from a crafting station (whether that crafting station be your inventory or from a crafting table) in order for the specific bench to spawn. Simple left-clicking would grab the item, only for it to disappear a moment later. Thankfully there's a reset button, but I would still recommend fixing this issue (if you can).

2019-07-31 04:25

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0 bluexephops This is a really cool map but there is a bug on the final level where I completed the puzzle and I don't move on.

2019-07-30 05:44

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0 Turnip The crafting table in the tutorial doesn't seem to want to appear after I craft it. I can't play the map due to this.

2019-07-30 01:07

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0 morganinoB I tried to play this but in the tutorial, when i make the crafting bench in my inventory, it just vanishes and doesn't appear anywhere.

2019-07-29 13:56

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