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The Crafting Cube

Created by Vertex Creations

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Currently available on Minecraft Realms.

1-12 players supported. A singleplayer timed-trial will be available if playing alone.

1.13.2 and any other 1.13 versions are supported.

Race against your friends in this fast-paced crafting game to be the first to craft the goal item, using resources you mine, craft, and gather in your 16x16x16 chunk.

Features 50+ items to craft, with varying difficulties. You can choose which item, or set it to random! 50+ unique chunks are generated based on the item chosen. 

Be the first person to craft the item to win 100 points. Everyone else who crafts it after you will get less points, depending on how soon they craft it. The round ends 30 seconds after the first person crafts the item. Choose how many rounds per game in the lobby. 


Map Details

Creator: Vertex Creations
(208 votes)
Version: 1.0.2
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 3.5 MB
Added: 2018-11-12
Downloads: 15,269
Category: Game Maps

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0 Snowman On the diamond boots level there are only 3 diamonds

2019-05-27 01:19

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+6 Myst Xtreme I really enjoyed this map and would enjoy playing it with others. I also did a Let's Play of it: https://youtu.be/LTm-iQ5f-ug

2019-01-21 15:05

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+9 emilsson I love this map but my friend don´t want to play it.

2018-12-31 09:42

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+4 KM I'm unable to start singleplayer mode, how do you tell it yes?

2018-12-04 03:32

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+1 mudkip989 I recommend. got beat by one of the builders 0-12 or something like that.

2018-12-01 21:39

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-1 Nice A nice map

2018-11-16 18:43

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+6 Anonymous Quoting Anonymous:
The question is how do we get past the dispenser without cheating?

Ok. So I think I know. Only some maps don't have enough spider webs so we need to cheat in order to get that level done.

2018-11-16 02:45

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+4 Anonymous The question is how do we get past the dispenser without cheating?

2018-11-15 02:47

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+2 Anonymous Use 4 strings to craft wool (only if not enough spider webs).

Backup and load to play in 1.13.1

2018-11-15 02:26

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-3 Ah Quoting Canurrito:
Does it work for 1.13.1?
Probably. .1 changes in the version usually work good.

2018-11-13 02:15

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2018-10-27 23:37

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-7 Canurrito Does it work for 1.13.1?

2018-10-27 19:10

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