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Star Wars Dropper

Created by John Ireland


Map Info

Map features six levels, representing each movie in the Star Wars saga.

After you spawn in the level, try to land in the water to progress to the next level.

Map Trailer



  • Play in 1.12.2
  • If you record this, please credit my YouTube.
  • Difficulty: Peaceful
  • Render Distance: Far


  • EPISODE 1: Duel of the Fates
  • EPISODE 2: Battle of Geonosis
  • EPISODE 3: Battle of the Heroes
  • EPISODE 4: Trench Run
  • EPISODE 5: Battle of Hoth
  • EPISODE 6: Battle of Endor


Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

Star Wars Dropper

(402 votes)
Creator: John Ireland
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 4 MB
Added: 2018-05-24
Downloads: 35,932
Category: Dropper Maps


0 Yeety me boi It's was fun to play very well made and I Didn't run in to any issues thanks for making this map!

2018-08-11 07:57

+8 Mikee Games This was a fantastic Map, beautifully designed and incredibly hard, still I enjoyed it. I have also done a lets play on YouTube:

2018-06-05 09:49


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