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Islandia: The Blackened Sea [GOLD EDITION]

Created by Stellarelf, Timmyn8or

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Return the Blackened Sea with one of the most popular Minecraft Adventure maps, now reworked and remastered to create the "GOLD" edition!

An exciting new fantasy world - an incredible adventure. Journey through a land that will take you from the highest peaks to the depths of the sea. Set in a world of water and floating islands, a poison threatens all life on the sea. As a humble fisherman, you're not exactly "hero" material, and only time will tell if you have what it takes to save your island home.

What's new in the GOLD edition:

  • Brand new and reworked dungeons
  • Streamlined quests
  • A fantastic update to North Island that's one of the prettiest things we've ever built
  • A few show-stopping visual treats so awesome they might lag out your computer
  • Bug fixes...lots of bug fixes...so many bug fixes
  • Decorative changes
  • Updated for Minecraft 1.13.1 code
  • Even if you played the original, there is so much new content it will be like a new game
  • Totally reworked ending

First time here?

  • Islandia: The Blackened Sea is an exciting fantasy world Adventure Map that puts you into a world of floating islands on a quest to save the ocean, and your own home, from destruction.
  • Travel and exploration
  • Fighting pirates
  • Puzzling out dungeons
  • Horse racing
  • Beautiful scenery
  • ​Story and character based adventure

We'd like offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who played the previous 2 maps and were such an encouragement.

If you pop in the Sea Council License and nothing happens, sorry! Check the hoppers under that chest and replace with the LIGHT BLUE license...not the Cyan one.


UPDATED to 1.2 to fix a glitch at Gordy's house with Sea Council License.


Map Details

Creator: Stellarelf, Timmyn8or
(38 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 17.5 MB
Added: 2019-06-01
Downloads: 3,561
Category: Adventure Maps


+3 h Grandfather keeps saying to "Check around the spring that flows off my shell" Im not sure what that means

2019-06-14 05:35

+2 Stellarelf @ej
Look carefully and think a little more broadly than something to smash it with. The answer is close at hand. Extra tip: There is NOT a new tool you've never seen or something like that.

Walk out onto the broken platform and look around. The answer is "splotlighted" not far away. Do a little more exploring and you'll figure it out.

Thanks for playing!

2019-06-13 04:43

+2 ej Hey, I have a small question about the ice part. I do not know how to break the ice in the ice caves. Where the dialog says "The Ice is ALMOST thin enough to break."

2019-06-12 06:39

+1 Abb Hey, I know I'm being ridiculously dumb at this point, but I can't find a way to get through the zombie village and to the lever for the drawbridge lmao

2019-06-08 23:45

+2 Timmyn8or Hey guys, Timmyn8or here!
Thank you all for your great reviews, it really brings smiles to our faces knowing that all our work is appreciated.

A few of you guys were asking for the soundtrack of the game, which I had a good laugh at, because the soundtrack is just songs from Minecraft that I slowed, sped, or pitch-shifted.
But since you asked, here it is, the soundtrack of Islandia in all of it's glory!

"Mall" At 1.2x speed at the Start of the game and on Northern Island
"Under Water" Inside Grandfather
"Far" In the woods on Mainland
"Chirp" at ~1.3 speed In the Grand Bazaar
"Stal" Inside the Dark Knight Armory

"Nether" At 2x speed in the Ogre caves
"Mellohi" at 0.8 speed on the swamp island

"Under Water" At 2x speed for moments of awe and wonder.

"Menu" At 2x speed when going to The "Final dungeon"
"Nether" At 1.3x speed at some points during The "Final dungeon"

"Credits" At 1.8 or 2x speed (can't remember which) at the end of the game

I believe that there are a couple more songs throughout the game, but these are the ones that I can recall right now.

- Thanks for playing!

2019-06-08 19:30

+1 Stellarelf Quoting AJgaming231:
how do i get to the mainland? is the music disc grandfather gave me a ticket? i tried using it but it didnt work.

You'll need a ticket from somewhere on the island. The disc is for trade. Get to know the locals and it will become plain. FWIW, tickets are clearly marked as such and will match the label on the ticket box. I believe Grandfather will give you a replacement if you go talk to him. Thanks for playing!

2019-06-08 17:30

+1 AJgaming231 how do i get to the mainland? is the music disc grandfather gave me a ticket? i tried using it but it didnt work.

2019-06-07 20:25

+2 Stellarelf @pAI
Thanks! We appreciate it and The Timmyn8or spent a lot of time picking out just the right music cues, so we're glad it's been noticed!

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, it's always a challenge to balance for either younger players vs ones who want more of a challenge. The boss was at one point ridiculous and killed you a ton. In the end, we shifted a bit more toward story, I think, rather than a hard challenge.

Glitches!? Say it ain't so!!! haha :P We only tested 30 times without issue, but now I can see how that kind of thing can happen in that particular zone: if a Drowned gets over too close to the end boss area...grrrr. I'm sure we could work around it if we spent even MORE time on it, but yeah. Test and test again. I hope it's a rare issue! Thanks for the input and for playing.

I hope you played and enjoyed it! We make these things for the players and because we're obsessive creative types, haha.

2019-06-07 17:44

+3 pAI holy heck this map was everything i ever wanted and needed tHE MUSIC EVERYTHING WAS JUST REAL GOOD 11/10 PLAY THIS MAP

2019-06-07 12:31

+1 Kalsyphr This was a great map, it was very enjoyable to play. I do have to say, it isn't perfect. There's a lot of things I wished for while playing, but it might just be me.


The only problem I really had was trying to get past the Ice Caves. It kept talking about how I could break the ice but I couldn't find any possible way to pass the area, so I had to cheat sadly. I spent too much time trying to figure out something to do on the island, I even unintentionally entered the house that needs the Sea Council's License through the fishing hole and found the Tiller before I unlocked the dialogue that talks about the missing Tiller.

I would have liked to see more combat, and specifically scaling combat. I got full iron near the start of the game from fishing and making money and I breezed through everything to the end. Even the final boss was too easy because (I believe) the two entities have vanilla health values. It would have been nice to see armored variants as you progressed a bit, or just fully modified enemies, though that is asking for too much.

I still liked the map alot, as I love story maps like this.

For the final boss area, make sure you kill all those undead pirates (drowned) near the boat because it prevents the command blocks from progressing.

2019-06-04 20:10

0 Stellarelf Quoting Greystalk:
Is this map multiplayer compatible?

Sadly, no. The original was, but there was way too much in the way specific moments and story advancement that it got out of hand trying to accommodate multi-player.

2019-06-03 23:39

+3 Greystalk Is this map multiplayer compatible?

2019-06-03 20:33

0 Stellarelf Quoting PixelMaster0908:
is there a walkthrough?

Sorry! Not yet! We did a walkthrough of the original version of the game, but this is brand new so we haven't done that yet. We'll certainly consider doing one and you'll see that on the Foldup Games YT channel if that happens.

2019-06-03 19:34

0 Stellarelf Quoting Nicolle:
Really enjoyed this map! Never played the OG but I truly liked this one. If there's any "negative" feedback I would give is that to me, personally, I had an issue doing exactly what the map wanted me to do. Wish it was a bit more straightforward, but that's probably just on my end! Overall, 10/10 and the music was so beautiful! Is there anyway you can share the soundtrack with us?

Thanks for the feedback. The music is all Minecraft internal songs. Timmyn8or carefully triggered them at set times and often changed the pitch to get what he wanted.

2019-06-03 19:33

+1 Nicolle Really enjoyed this map! Never played the OG but I truly liked this one. If there's any "negative" feedback I would give is that to me, personally, I had an issue doing exactly what the map wanted me to do. Wish it was a bit more straightforward , but that's probably just on my end! Overall, 10/10 and the music was so beautiful! Is there anyway you can share the soundtrack with us?

2019-06-02 22:16

+1 PixelMaster0908 is there a walkthrough?

2019-06-02 16:31

+1 nick i wish i had someone to play with but non of my friends play Minecraft :C
would anyone like to play Minecraft with me if so friend me on discord Nikola Nikolic#8713

2019-06-02 13:27

+2 Stellarelf Hey guys!

This is the totally reworked "Blackened Sea" map, updated to the new 1.13 series of Minecraft coding language and with all new dungeons, plus a zillion bug fixes and a new ending. The original map was super popular so we wanted to give a big THANKS to everyone who downloaded it, played it, and made videos of it. Also, a shout-out to minecraftmaps.c om for hosting!!!

Check out the "First Look" video here:

2019-06-01 20:59

+3 SeriousCraft Looks fantastic!

2019-06-01 16:10


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