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100 Question Quiz

Created by Solad

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Welcome to a totally legit 100 Question Quiz!

You will have to answer and do 100 questions and puzzles! Excitement right?

There's nothing shady going on around here... nothing. Just download and play the map!

You totally won't have to do any fighting or fight any boss... that's ridiculous! 


Map Details

Creator: Solad
(52 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 1.21 MB
Added: 2019-07-08
Downloads: 4,210
Category: Trivia Maps


+8 cringe normie how does one beat 10

2019-07-26 23:31

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+1 Klush barely anything worked, I had to activate everything myself.

2019-07-26 17:26

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-2 Ender Wow, I was literally expecting that I thought it was just a plan quix map....

2019-07-12 19:50

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+6 oof this map sucked I couldn't get past ten

2019-07-11 15:45

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+9 bruh only 10 questions, what a ripoff

2019-07-09 17:39

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+2 BeepingSeath One part of the map was broken so i had to fix it but the other parts were pretty good.

2019-07-09 15:01

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