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The Underwater Challenge!

Created by Ninjacat002

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Map Info

In this map, you are to complete all the given challenges handed to you, without dying! 

You'll also find that there are some clues to hidden chests. Each clue hints to one individual chest, so keep yours eyes peeled when playing!

This challenge was created by Magickal, but I decided to revive it and transform it into a map!

You can find his original challenge here.


Map Details

Creator: Ninjacat002
(227 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13
Size: 10.17 MB
Added: 2018-07-27
Downloads: 17,558
Category: Survival Maps


+18 destroyer3705 it was really cool and fun

2018-08-05 19:11

+11 carlo4 good map :D

2018-08-04 07:59

-4 Daniel I did not find my base.

2018-07-31 23:12


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