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Shop Survival

Created by Numbnuts501

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Shop survival is a new way to play minecraft. Trade your coal, iron gold, diamonds and emeralds into special tokens to buy lots of useful items.

It removes the grind of gathering all of your materials by hand and makes your whole experience a lot easier.

All villagers can be respawned with buttons in their stalls in case something happens.

If you want a new minecraft experience. this is the map for you.


Map Details

Creator: Numbnuts501
(108 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14
Size: 18 MB
Added: 2019-05-27
Downloads: 8,243
Category: Survival Maps


-2 Nobody I don't know how to sell

2019-07-31 03:11

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-1 Zeezorum Villagers work now but none sell redstone?? maybe should make a villager for that

2019-07-31 01:27

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0 Jose What are the coordinates for the shop?

2019-07-26 07:06

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+1 stefan Quoting Gurkirat Singh:
I found a bug, in 1.14.3 the villagers doesnt work properly.

u must place a workstations next to them

2019-07-14 09:45

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-8 Aaron surprisingly, this map, although made with barely any effort, has received so much more gratidude unlike other maps that are absolutely amazing and have so much hard work put into it, BUT THEY DONT TEST IT, and they dont care about what other people think of their map (not caring about glitches and bad stuff that could happen etc)

2019-07-13 09:06

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0 Eiixer The shop can be exploited with a Raid

2019-07-13 02:44

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+11 Gurkirat Singh I found a bug, in 1.14.3 the villagers doesnt work properly.

2019-07-05 17:46

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+7 realms i love this world its so great there is so many ores down below the shops in the cave area but when i click on a village the coin screen pops away i really like this map please find out how to fix it!

2019-06-26 03:13

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+1 nevin why wont the villager trades not rest is it the same with vanilla minecraft

2019-06-21 20:29

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+2 Lilly this honestly looked amazing, i was very excited to try it out and play survival on this world until i downloaded it and played it. i spawned randomly and couldnt find the 'shops' anywhere. maybe if you could fix this itd be more enjoyable to play.

2019-06-21 09:05

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-1 Lizzy_thebest This Map Is Amazing!

2019-06-20 19:04

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+3 ekwsdfjbf sd it's great, there's even a zombie spawner right by the shop

2019-06-19 03:33

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-1 bruh So it's like factions

2019-06-12 17:55

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-2 not a human How do i go to the end

2019-06-04 13:11

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-3 FalseMSP Is there a village in this map?

2019-06-01 12:39

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0 al3playals mate this is unique i would so recommend this map to my friends!
(i haven't played it yet but i am loading it as of typing this)
i love the concept of your map!!

2019-06-01 10:49

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+3 Matteoka I really like it! Make it so we cant only get tokens from mining (crops, wood, ), of we can get them from mining these: quartz 32:10, lapis 2:1, redstone 1:1. Another idea is teleporters. for example, there is a teleporter to a desert, a beach, a savannah of a dark oak forest. you can unlock these for 1-5 stacks of coins

2019-06-01 10:16

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+1 Awesome idea Loved the concept and it is a very well made map, keep on with the good work!

2019-06-01 04:25

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