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Dome Survival

Created by _xXRomanKingXx_

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You're trapped in the middle of a void. There is nothing around you. You must survive in the last two parts of Earth, two domes with VERY limited supplies.

  • It is HIGHLY recommended you use shaders, they make the map look so much better.
  • Please use Optifine when in the map, as your chunk render distance needs to be at 2.
  • There are two domes, a spawn dome and a home dome.
  • The home dome has stone in it.
  • The spawn dome, however, doesn't. It does have 1 tree and a small water source.
  • More updates will be made to the map as I think of new ideas.
  • This map can be played with 1-3 players.


  1. Play in Normal or higher.
  2. Use Optifine and set your render distance to.
  3. Don't break the dome.
  4. Don't leave the dome.
  5. No cheats.
  6. Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: _xXRomanKingXx_
(233 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 415 KB
Added: 2018-05-24
Downloads: 7,354
Category: Survival Maps


-3 little Sam this map is WAY to easy. Make it harder and are there more chest loot in this map?

2018-05-28 17:14

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+1 BellyWelly How do I get my more iron and coal?And is there dimonds?Also what about mobs there are none of those!

2018-05-26 15:04

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+3 natnat2205 what is the goal ?

2018-05-25 19:02

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