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MTV's Shannara Chronicles

Created by Sunfury

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Map Info

This recreation is a hand built map of the Four Lands. We gathered a team of people extremely talented in their craft and worked hard to create a world that was not only fun to explore on foot, but to actually play through.

This recreation is all encompassing. Starting from the ground up we have a custom launcher, world/map, structures, mini-games, textures, and even sounds. This download is completely immersive, but incredibly easy to play through. With a hand-crafted launcher that downloads everything you need in one-easy step…

We’ve all worked to create an incredible collection of everything great about Minecraft and the community. Once again showing how with a little creativity you can push the limits and explore imaginary worlds. We’re excited to help you along your journey through the Four Lands and the world of the Shannara Chronicles. To get started...

We’re excited to see your feedback. Please remember that credit is always due to the creators! Thank you for playing and enjoying our world. Please link any playthroughs in the comments so we can watch!

Redstone Features

Items and perks:

  • Strength Upgrades 1-3
  • Speed Upgrade 1-3
  • Weapon Upgrade 1-4
  • Armor Upgrade 1-4
  • Revive (Revives a teammate) For multiplayer*
  • Floor traps, these can be placed and will kill all enemies stepping on them (5 uses)
  • Health Potion
  • Mana Potion (Only for Druid's Keep)

Other features:

  • Custom Sounds
  • Random waves
  • 20 waves in each game
  • 3 difficulty levels (Easy,Normal,Hard)
  • Shanarran Compendium (Let's you travel to all locations on the map and puts you in creative) / Is obtained by entering the portal close to the spawn point
  • Custom indicators

How to Install the Launcher

  • Make sure you have a fresh install of Minecraft can be downloaded here.
  • Close Minecraft instance/s.
  • Launch the "Shanarra Chronicles - Minecraft Game Launcher.jar" File.
  • Click the "Download" button, and wait for files to install. When all files are downloaded press "Start".
  • The launcher will now have downloaded everything you need and made a profile in your client. It should look like this.
  • Minecraft will open automatically. Now choose a user and click "Play".
  • In the main menu of Minecraft a box with red text saying "Play Shannara Chronicles Map!" Have appeared, click that button and get ready to play!



  • Janakin
  • NinjaMasterSensi
  • nidhux
  • TheDanishDreams
  • OfficialLucki2g
  • themineman23
  • Stervma
  • DiddyD
  • Shiziku

Additional credits:

  • Voiceacting & Sound effects by: Rev
  • Redstone by: Sparks
  • Texture and Graphics by: Monsterfish_
  • Launcher by: Ravand
  • Renders by: The Minecrafter, Splekh, Wuxa
  • Worldpainting by: iBuildpixels
  • Assisting organiser: Jillyrose
  • Project manager: Janakin

This project was done in collaboration with Twitch and MTV.


Map Details

Creator: Sunfury
(183 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 118.65 MB
Added: 2016-03-24
Downloads: 11,562
Category: PvE Maps


+3 ME Best map ever!
The only problem was that it took FOREVER for it to download.
Besides horrible internet, I made it though all 20 waves on normal mode!
Thx for the great map!

2016-05-07 01:41

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+1 LOREMAI WHere do you find will's skin? Please someone answer me quickly!!!!

2016-04-11 15:21

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-3 LOREMAI Can i use the map to make a CTM based on shannara map? Please i LOVE shannara

2016-04-10 08:47

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+2 Dead Headers The map is AMAZING!!! I killed over 200 zombies in one game SOLO and reached wave 13 or 14

2016-03-27 17:24

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+4 Saint Fantastic map love it all

2016-03-25 12:45

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2016-03-25 02:36

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+3 AshleyTheUnicorn Loved the minigame! Check out my first look on it if you want. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jgb8cxTkx_Y

2016-03-24 21:01

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+3 Two Words Download now.

Shannara Chronicles is the best map I've played in a while.
kudos to the creators

2016-03-24 17:59

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