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Mettaton Madness

Created by Henzoid external

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Hello beauties and gentle-beauties, and welcome to Puzzles With a Killer Robot!

Give a big hand to our wonderful contestant: [PlayerNameHere]. We're going to have a lot of fun on today's game show, and I know all 10 of my lovely viewers will agree!

Ready to get started? Well, here's the deal:

  • You need to be playing in MC version 1.12.2
  • Your render distance should be at least 10
  • No multiplayer (sorry darling, that's the rules)

-There's a custom level builder at the end, so ya better get solving! And don't you worry about past knowledge of my many glorious works.

This is a spoiler-free zone, so you'll just have to wait for "Mettaton 4: The Mettatoning" to come out in theaters, and see it yourself!


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Creator: Henzoid external
(66 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 577 KB
Added: 2018-01-18
Downloads: 2,061
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+6 KingAmo Minor undertale spoiler ahead. This something I wish wasn't a troll in undertale. It seemed like it would make a good puzzle but of course it just bypassed that.

2018-01-21 22:06

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+3 cuchuoi1337 *insert mettaton bossfight music here

2018-01-21 11:13

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+5 RagingTurtle717 This is awesome! Not just a minecraft map with an amazing parody of another game, but you made it work! Nice job, and I hope to see more maps from you in the future!

2018-01-19 20:55

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