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Flipped: Walk On Walls

Created by Karott2000

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Map Info

Flipped is a singleplayer puzzle map where gravity doesn't matter. It is based on manipulating gravity to get to a destination. For each level of flipped, you start at the gray block and finish on the black one. You travel across white blocks, and walk up walls with green blocks. There is a new block type added each level, such as a switch block or a teleport block. By the end of each level, you will have forgotten which way is up.

The map contains 10 levels, each level adding a new element of gameplay. It took around 2 years to make (on and off), since a single level is so complex redstone-wise, so I really do appreciate anyone who plays it.


Map Details

Creator: Karott2000
(60 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 2 MB
Added: 2016-03-29
Downloads: 4,850
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 HHHHHHHH I have a glitch, I'm stuck in a hole, can anyone solve this gltch?

2017-02-08 05:40

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0 legit duck wait, how could it have taken 2 years to make, but be in 1.9?????

2016-11-22 22:43

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0 PacifistBurrito4 You, Sir, are a wizard! This map is great. It's very original and challenging! a solid 9/10 from me. If you plan on imporving it, I suggest making adding sounds and a maybe more fun texture, but of course that's just extras. Well done!

2016-04-10 19:18

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+4 Pants You should change the color to unlock blocks from 2 colors to 2 different shades of a color. Maybe have a solid block be the unlock block and a clear/gl[censor ed] colored block be the locked change orientation block. Make it easier to remember.

2016-04-08 00:26

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0 GamerGirl3333 Thanks for this, dude! Encore! More!!!

2016-04-06 19:16

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-1 Mataxor Quoting Mataxor:
Very good level design and originality.

But I did notice that I solved lever 9 WITHOUT standing on the red or orange blocks.

Im gonna add to my original comment that I noticed that the teleport commands are a little bit off. I think there is no need to teleport the play +30 degrees into looking down

2016-04-04 18:12

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0 Mataxor Very good level design and originality.

But I did notice that I solved lever 9 WITHOUT standing on the red or orange blocks.

2016-04-03 14:45

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+1 Billybo10000 So I played through the map and really enjoyed it! I made a video if you're interested, about my adventure through the flipped maze! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZARZLYFs3kg (Also, congrats on having Vikstar play the map)

2016-04-02 18:11

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+1 wallhug I finished it! I am so pro.
Honestly I just walked around for a few minutes and then I completed it XD

2016-04-02 15:52

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0 Billybo10K This was an incredibly fun map to play! The two years were certainly well spent as you incorporated many fun ideas into this diorama of mazes and puzzles. I recorded my playthrough on my channel, which should be up tomorrow if you want to see. Anyway, I hope more people play your map, it deserves attention!

2016-04-01 17:56

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+1 OberZine I decided to play it, I was also the 8th person to download it :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5R8ysoJFj0

2016-04-01 02:26

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0 superslimeysquid 10/10. Best map ever. I don't care what anyone else says, don't even listen to them. This is easily the best map I have ever played.

2016-03-31 20:54

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0 reesylou Really enjoyed it. Helps to have good spatial awareness with the later levels or you can go around in circles for a little.

2016-03-31 11:07

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+1 erermahgerd Quoting Anonymouse:
This is a maze map, not a puzzle map.

what's the difference? a maze is a type of puzzle, right?

2016-03-30 21:37

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+1 starcatcher77 Quoting Anonymouse:
This is a maze map, not a puzzle map.

It's not really a maze as it's open air, theres no walls, and it differs from the tradition flat design. I wouldn't cl[censored]ify it as a maze map.

2016-03-30 20:40

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+1 LittleDinko 2 YEARS???!!!! Wow, amazing map!

2016-03-30 16:00

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0 lol wow this is soo much fun

2016-03-30 15:42

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-2 Anonymouse This is a maze map, not a puzzle map.

2016-03-29 22:27

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