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The Deep Dark Parkour Space

Created by MrNardKing

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Map Info

[WARNING]: Flashing lights, if you have any problems or issues with fast flashing lights DO NOT play this map.

Try and beat this *cough* hard parkour map that makes you wonder what is past all of the dark empty spaces.

Be careful when you jump, it may be a hole, or solid ground.

The map uses a custom version of the texture pack CodeCrafted Custom.

In the long run it was a fun small project to get my first map out there and see what it can do.

Any brain cells lost when trying to figure out where to go is not my responsibility to grow back for you.

Brain cells being lost is the side effect of using the internet, be careful.

Contact Email: mrnerdking14@gmail.com

Map Details

Creator: MrNardKing
(373 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 978 KB
Added: 2017-03-28
Downloads: 9,575
Category: Parkour Maps


-2 YooShijin the create guys don't know how to make clock by command => lag 15 FPS

2017-04-22 14:20

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+2 DancingMonkey Great map! Downloaded and played in under 15 mins! was short and sweet!

2017-04-12 01:38

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-6 EeOneLix Gaming Very good card.
But the texture of the command blocks could be replaced and, when creating, turn off the cheats.
My suggestion: I created a new world without cheats and in gamemode 2, then with MCedit move the mechanism.

2017-04-03 10:44

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+1 MrNardKing Quoting ramtin:
I love this map, that is why I am playing it again!!!

Thank you! :D

2017-04-02 21:42

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+2 ramtin I love this map, that is why I am playing it again!!!

2017-04-01 23:46

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0 The_Black_Cap Sweet map! Short but everything looks pretty cool!


2017-03-30 22:16

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+1 TbonePlayzHD Great map!

2017-03-29 23:18

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