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The Cave Of Wonders

Created by Hails__

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Map Info

This map is first ever made and upload by Hail__.

The creation of this map was made for TBNRfrags, but many are pleased to download.

Although this is my first I put all my effort and knowledge of making this as enjoying as possible.

This map includes you jumping from block to block with pleasant scenery that you just might enjoy.

Some jumps range from a difficulty of hard, but also easy, just make sure yourself not to rage. This map also includes a dropper, which you have to maneuver your way down to the bottom.

This map is probably the first of many so please make sure to enjoy and enjoy what's next to come.


Map Details

Creator: Hails__
(308 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1 MB
Added: 2018-03-03
Downloads: 2,463
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 spawn? I can not find the spawn!

2018-03-15 17:38

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+1 Anonymous Fantastically detailed and thought out parkour map! Very challenging at parts (I have no idea how to do the ladder part legit) but really fun.

2018-03-11 22:20

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+1 JSaysRawr what are cords for spawn, my server loaded us in the wrong place

2018-03-10 02:27

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+1 Dells The spawn is very messed up... cant play cause i never spawn in starting room

2018-03-09 06:29

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+2 Riku If this is really your first map...it's wonderful =D.
Congratulations i like it, is difficult but not impossible and it take me 30 minutes, really good.

2018-03-04 11:55

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