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Quit Breaking My Map!!!

Created by eclipsedminer

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Map Info:
Ok, it's really not about the construction. A sort of sequel to Conservational Dirt, QBMM is another parkour map. eclipsed has made a small artificial world to just... look at. You meet with a friend who finds the map boring so he wants you to... make some changes.

This map isn't very long and should probably take 5 - 10 minutes max, unless you've been called to dinner and leave the computer running.

Good luck, have fun, and try not to tip eclipsed over the edge too much. ;)

Map Details

Creator: eclipsedminer
(54 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 5.1 MB
Added: 2016-01-04
Downloads: 11,030
Category: Parkour Maps



2016-11-25 14:57

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+6 I play MC im glad u made this map! ITS AWESOME.make more!!!!!

2016-02-29 14:53

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-5 Bob Lol the sign at the end of the archery spot said you need optifine to read this. . . I just read it when it set me in gamemode 3!

2016-02-09 23:46

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+9 Blocktopia9 Quoting NCPlayz:
-100/100 to laggy and my computer cannot handle it

That's not the map creator's fault

2016-01-14 20:27

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-2 Cam the Man I lagged a lot and died stright after the skeletons spawned but other that that great map

2016-01-14 07:14

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+5 amasing Good Map !!!

2016-01-12 15:48

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-5 NCPlayz -100/100 to laggy and my computer cannot handle it

2016-01-10 20:09

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+6 Square Mario Hey! Awesome map! Make sure to check out this video I did on it! Keep up the great work eclipse! Love your sense of humor!

2016-01-09 02:33

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+5 CastielOurLord Nice map man! It was short, simple, and most importantly, AWESOME!

2016-01-08 02:28

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+5 Titanic27 This map was excellent. It was a leap forward from Conservational Dirt. I didn't like your last map but this is so much better. Thank you

2016-01-06 22:20

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+4 Catastronaut Nice map, I liked it :)

2016-01-06 18:02

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+4 iiKillerz Awesome a map, thank you very much for making this awesome fun map!

2016-01-06 17:21

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+3 UsataMrkva Best map but don't use black in the tellraw command pls

2016-01-06 06:46

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+2 CAAJBE your last map was kind of hard for me... maybe I'm just dumb xD! but this map was awesome! It was short but awesome! MAKE MORE OF THESE KINDS OF MAPS :D

2016-01-06 00:10

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+1 Person So laggy, but cool map

2016-01-05 19:36

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+2 ZephPlayz Nice map!
Here is my play through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kspsedJ4MAs
Looking forward to the next :)

2016-01-04 21:58

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+2 5uperTrinity Don't tell me what to do!

2016-01-04 06:24

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+5 camoJr Johnson I tried it out and the map was EPPICCC!!!!!

2016-01-04 01:49

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