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Parkour Spiral

Created by Hielke

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Map Info


Parkour Spiral!

Parkour Spiral is a HUGE parkour map, with lots of different parkour themes throughout the map!

The parkour itself is unique and challenging. Whether you are good or bad at parkour, this map will certainly keep you entertained!

There are also lots of checkpoint in the map, that way you don't rage quit after a death (atleast I hope you won't ;))

This map also works with multiple players.

So go ahead and play, alone or with friends!

Have fun!



Click HERE for the Parkour Spiral trailer!

Before You Play

  • Make sure you are playing on Minecraft version 1.12 
  • If playing on a server, enable command blocks!


Map Details

Creator: Hielke
(2499 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 2.8 MB
Added: 2017-06-08
Downloads: 164,855
Category: Parkour Maps


+25 Steve Someone in China only spent 543 seconds on this map... So great!
Video Link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av27321241

2018-11-23 14:52

Quote Report
+15 Unknown Quoting AlexUncrafted:

Maybe you should just git gud?

Or just open the world to LAN with cheats enabled. No need to say a map sucks because you aren't good enough to do it.

Or maybe it's broken?

2018-05-31 00:59

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+44 中wetds It's a good map ,:)

2018-04-30 23:20

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+9 why u care it sucks i got far and it teleported me at first spawn where you see all maps and creators

2018-02-07 23:13

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-3 why u care this is annoying af i was so far an i got back on first spawn not on tower the spawn that u see all maps and creators >:(

2018-02-07 23:10

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+43 TheNetherHunter Awesome map Hielke. I've played all your parkour maps and I think this is simply another masterpiece. Nice and easy this time around which was refreshing. Keep up the good work :D

I finished in 2252

2017-10-04 18:35

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+21 Random Guy Quoting logan007:
hey hielke preston playz did this map and i am also most done in half of his time dude i am just stuck on the ice part. just the part before the ice was hard i couldn.n't do the the 1st jump on the tree to tree jumping.

Well remember he had shark holding him back lol

2017-10-03 17:49

Quote Report
+40 Hielke Quoting Alex:
2 220 16 if you want to use commands go into survival or use /tp just erase the commmand imputs.

Yeah... The command blocks at these coordinates are only for the ending ( with the fireworks and stuff ). So have fun removing the ending I guess..

2017-08-13 11:41

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+18 Verda Great map managed to complete it in 2258 seconds!

2017-07-31 23:34

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+23 Someone Great map! Thank you so much!

2017-07-31 13:31

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+5 OMG Hey body , Do a command can be creative MODE!!! +1 for command

2017-07-25 10:08

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0 weehoo15 Quoting timika555:
I hate this map. u can't go on /gamemode 1. I can't do one level.

yeah. I set spawnpoint for each step, cuz it was hard. When i failed, i used /kill to redo. Then I spawned at the start when i was already half through the map. I hate it. I just litteraly rage quitted after that. I hate this map.

2017-07-24 15:15

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+6 AlexUncrafted Quoting timika555:
I hate this map. u can't go on /gamemode 1. I can't do one level.

Maybe you should just git gud?

Or just open the world to LAN with cheats enabled. No need to say a map sucks because you aren't good enough to do it.

2017-07-22 14:57

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+12 Isuguru The Best Map I played

2017-07-21 04:27

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+17 Iev It was a fun map, until I died near the end and a checkpoint was bugged and teleported me a few floors lower. I couldn't do anything because you put command blocks that dont allow commands. Instantly ruined the whole experience for me. If you are going to make a map, allow commands, because cheaters are gonna cheat, and legit players wont. I did everything legit until the map broke, and then I gave up, because you disabled commands. I mean that was just unneccesary, up to that point the map was cool tho.

2017-07-20 23:15

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+11 Kfftfuftur Quoting DEFENDERofTRUTH:
Awesome map! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Unfortunately the time doesn't stop when you go to the pause screen so my time wasn't accurate :( I love the bioms, and all the jumps are so thoughtful... love the trolls too XD Thanks for an awesome map!!!

The fact that time didnt stop on the pause screen tells me that you opend the game to LAN inorder to be able to use cheats . . .

2017-07-20 22:53

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+11 Ehh Great map, completed in 1763 seconds.
There were no neo jumps tho.

2017-07-20 13:53

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-2 Spike4371 Great Map beat the map in 2492 I Challenge all of you guys to beat my time

2017-07-20 03:25

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0 The Purity of Chaos Did it in 2325 (38:45) really easy map.
I streamed it, so there's proof on my twitch @ twitch.tv/thepu rityofchaos if you want me to prove it

2017-07-20 00:09

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+5 Stemister Good map, I got 2520

2017-07-19 23:33

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+9 BlueSquirrel21 An hour long parkour map that is perfect for having a good time. The parkour isn't extreme like other maps and the parkour naturally blends into the environment. I love all of Hielke's maps are very enjoyable and are not only about the parkour, it also includes beautiful level design. 10/10 I recommend this to any parkourist that wants to relax and have a good time.

2017-07-19 00:46

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+16 123skulla This is the best map I've ever played yet, I got 3401. 10/10 mate, love this map and specially Hielke!

2017-07-17 11:41

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+36 Alex 2 220 16 if you want to use commands go into survival or use /tp just erase the commmand imputs.

2017-07-16 22:42

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+14 random person can't p[censored] the end parkour when you parkour on the end rods. How do you donate?

2017-07-16 15:36

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+17 FireHitPanic I loved the map. It was fairly difficult. I really like the way four block jumps weren't over used to make it difficult. I loved to different biomes and trolls used to make each "level" unique. It also never felt repetitive which helped in making it fun. I like the "puzzle" levels where the path to go on isn't straight forward. The "level" where you had to jump on a fence in a cave then climb the vines up confused me because I never looked up so I thought it was a pointless jumped and looked everywhere else until I realized I was stupid by not seeing hole in the ceiling. Great map. 10/10.

2017-07-15 19:17

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+19 i_am_dominic OMG.... such an irritating first parkour map.... 5400 exact and im not kidding that was about 3k from three rooms ;-;
the one i remember the most had to be the end sticks with about 1.6k time there

2017-07-14 06:45

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+11 Vicking Quoting timika555:
I hate this map. u can't go on /gamemode 1. I can't do one level.

I know how put the world on lan with cheats on

2017-07-12 06:15

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+9 Snarky McSnark Quoting timika555:
I hate this map. u can't go on /gamemode 1. I can't do one level.

You can just open to LAN and activate commands. Or uninstall Minecraft, and play Tetris or something more on your level.

2017-07-11 22:24

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+14 CrunchyLins, John Nice Map I enjoyed it I got my best Minecraft score ( 953 ticks )

2017-07-10 09:44

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+10 Elisa i completed 80% of the parkour map the my spawn point was "obstructed" so i had to start right at the start and i couldn't even gamemode back up! I really love this map but it's a shame that we cant go in to gamemode for certain reasons.

2017-07-10 06:21

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