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Created by Dominicthestar

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This is a parkour map! But not just an ordinary one! no... this one is endless! it just keeps on generating! That means ENDLESS rage, fun, parkouring, more rage and even more rage! good luck!

A few things about the map:

  • The map is NOT multiplayer compatible.
  • The map can lagg when generating a new course.
  • The map uses a resource pack, which is included, or can be downloaded by following the link in the map.

Good luck while trying to get past level 100!!!


Map Details

Creator: Dominicthestar
(164 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 7 MB
Added: 2017-02-25
Downloads: 4,823
Category: Parkour Maps


0 chipsplease the "alternating ladders hallway" level is in the "near impossible" category, but it should be in the "super easy" category because you can crouch on the ladders through the middle, no danger of falling, and then your done. you may need to change it's category.

2017-03-25 19:34

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+1 DarcoTheFox Just now getting it and it looks amazing

2017-03-06 20:32

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+1 Dominictehstar Quoting Rek3dge:
Really enjoyed, was extremely fun. I recommend. :D



2017-03-05 18:02

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-3 smudla1 Is you failed on level any level, you will be start on level 1!!!!!!!!!!! What???!!!!
This map is imposible!!!!
Don't download!

2017-03-05 15:53

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0 IBJUH the map has problems,

it doesn't go to other stages itself 9 form 10 times, the generaters don't work good and are messy build

the map itself is nice! cool parkour and nice that you have that much diffuculty's!

greats from Holland!

2017-03-05 15:52

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+1 Rek3dge Really enjoyed, was extremely fun. I recommend. :D


2017-03-04 01:45

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