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The Doll Maker

Created by Croniclebeast

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You wake up in a strange office, with no memory of who you are or how you got there. It must be an Amnesia of some kind. You will have to find a way out and try to remember who you are.

You can play on either multiplayer OR single player.

Resource Pack:
The resource pack and the map is included in the download.

The default download link above includes the 64x64 resource pack version. If you have a more powerful computer, you can use the higher quality 256x256 resource pack version HERE.


  • Don't break blocks.
  • Play on gamemode 2 / Adventure Mode.
  • Play on Vanilla Minecraft.
  • Don't use any commands.

WARNING - This Map Contains:

  • Flashing Lights.
  • Sudden Loud Noises.
  • Disturbing Images.

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Map Details

Creator: Croniclebeast
(403 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 74 MB
Added: 2015-08-14
Downloads: 80,977
Category: Horror Maps


0 SeriousCraft most overused respack ever, but 5stars

2019-06-19 08:39

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+1 fix? Quoting georges9923:
This Resource pack doesn't work for me ;-;

think you need a older version

2018-03-16 05:43

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+1 IlovesHorrorMaps14 Awesome Map!!!

2018-02-06 16:33

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+3 i am the doll maker GREAT MAP.JACK IS SCARY

2018-01-28 18:57

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+3 georges9923 This Resource pack doesn't work for me ;-;

2017-10-23 18:43

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0 omqxcookies Played this map with two of my friends, really good map! Easy letsplay and great texture pack.

Youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuSb3ftBGw0&t=598s

2017-10-07 06:28

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+2 horror_map_lover best horror map ever!

2017-07-18 12:02

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+5 Thezra325 This map was scary but pretty darn cool

2017-06-24 04:30

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+10 EpicGamer The jump scares were terrific!

2017-04-18 06:04

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-3 ... Warning: sudden loud noises. I heard no sound and i have speakers at %100

2017-03-09 01:56

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+1 Eita I like this map!

2017-03-05 14:10

Quote Report
+3 Mefelz i like this map because it's so scared. but with your friend you will laugh so much and i record it. you can enjoy it with this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-OBp9tFC8s (Bahasa Indonesia). thanks for author :D

2017-02-12 08:35

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+3 Betty_boo omg this is so scary!

2017-02-12 07:53

Quote Report
+1 Mega_Turkey I really enjoyed this map. Was really creepy with a couple of good scares in it to keep it sharp. My only criticism was that the map was really dark, even with the brightness upped. Still, give it a shot. If you want to see my play-through then part 1 is out now:


2017-01-14 11:36

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0 Jade00 HAHA I love this game

2016-12-30 12:43

Quote Report
+2 Sakura Quoting Andy:
Is This a 2 player Map?

It literally says in the description it says MULTIPLAYER OR SINGLE PLAYER

2016-11-24 04:29

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-3 Crazy909 Great Map Me and My Friends Played it we had a amazing time

2016-11-13 15:26

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-1 Blö Didn't hear anything :(

2016-10-09 11:27

Quote Report
-4 Andy Is This a 2 player Map?

2016-10-01 23:49

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+3 Raunzy thank you I have now a phobia of dolls specially hugo (billy)

2016-08-18 07:39

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+3 Luigi_Bro05 i saw tons of vids on youtube but if i played this map i would have a heart atack.

2016-06-05 21:13

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+4 Mudkip2009 Great map. I almost died at the end! LOL

2016-05-29 17:35

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-4 zsauer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf8WSKJoLW4

Check out for a fun play through! best map yet that scared me to all hell at the end!

2016-05-23 01:45

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+6 siddo_sidddo I got so scared I couldn't unplugged my computer and didn't get back on for 2 hours... xD

2016-05-22 02:11

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+3 Ned GoldMiner Quoting xXJediMaster14Xx:
I never want to look at dolls again

Haha.me too...i throw all my childhoods dolls a way!

2016-05-19 01:35

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+4 MAPS R MY LIFE I got Sixth sensed on this. It was really good and.. .THAT VOICE ACTING XD!!!!! I loved it so much

2016-04-29 21:31

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-3 Chelsea It is not the only one of the best possible map but it was great.

2016-03-25 17:25

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+2 xXJediMaster14Xx I never want to look at dolls again

2016-03-19 00:54

Quote Report
+6 James Adam Nearly Cried Over This BEST MAP HORROR OF THE HISTORY OF THIS GAME!!!!

2016-03-11 16:45

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+1 haqim this
is the best horror map ever...!!!!!!

2016-02-27 07:51

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