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Four in a Line

Created by Kooleyy

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Map Info

Welcome to Four in a Line

Go head to head against your friends in this strategic board game in Minecraft!

Take turns to place a block of your color in the grid. Your aim is to get four of your color in a line while stopping your opponent from getting four of their color in a line. Four in a line can be achieved vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

  • Two players are required to play
  • A resource pack is required to play
  • Put your thinking cap on and try to outsmart your opponent
  • Works in 1.13 and above

The resource pack should automatically be on when the game is launched, but if things look odd and messy, you can download it manually here: [Click Here] 

Feel free to follow me (Kooleyy) for updates on future content: [Twitter] | [Youtube] | [Twitch]

This map was made for Minecraft Realms. Purchase a Realm and play with your friends!


Made for Minecraft 1.13.1

Four in a Line

(48 votes)
Creator: Kooleyy
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 486 KB
Added: 2018-09-12
Downloads: 764
Category: Game Maps


0 Mewion A nice recreation of Connect 4.

2018-09-12 10:03


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