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PopularMMOS Epic Multi-Dropper!

Created by Aqua_Lobo

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Map Info

This Dropper map has 20 levels that feature different themes.

In each level is a hidden ink sac.

Whoever finds it first keeps it until the end.

At the end you trade in the ink sacs for weapons and armor to use for an epic midair battle.


Map Details

Creator: Aqua_Lobo
(1076 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 7.9 MB
Added: 2018-07-20
Downloads: 65,568
Category: Dropper Maps


+7 Danny Lol, the flower actually helped me on the anti-gravity level.

2019-02-26 20:45

+3 fastsnail901 the looks are amazing but I don't really know how to start any levels and I don't know why you didn't put pat and jens heads up too

2018-12-30 16:25

+10 josegucci6 i dont know how to start the actual dropper

2018-12-27 21:52

+3 vaxt how do you even start the level

2018-12-26 21:30

+4 Bobthecrocodile I like it. I mean the start

2018-12-12 17:07

+24 MatthewDabz Quoting ITS:
I dont know how to start the level

pat and jen will release a video soon and it could be like a walkthrough

2018-07-22 20:55

+14 ITS I dont know how to start the level

2018-07-22 02:01


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