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Prodigious Washington

Created by CreatorPaul/SimJoo

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After the huge city called “Prodigious City” we now bring you our second city map, “Prodigious Washington”. After another year of work, we have created a city based on Washington D.C.

This city is some smaller than “Prodigious City”, but it has a lot more detail and all buildings contain rooms, furniture, secrets and lots o’ paintings. Featuring the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Library of Congress, and many many more!

The Library of Congress: the biggest building of all. Enter it, be sure to use the teleport, and you will be amazed of what’s inside.

Told ya.

The U.S. Capitol. Probably the most beautiful building from the outside. It’s amazing what views you can get from this building!

The perfect place for your holidays: a big hotel, a bowling club, plenty of restaurants and a pub for later in the night.

This is the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. There’s an awesome redstone contraption hidden in this building: try to find it!

This is the Lincoln Memorial. In this building you can find the huge statue of Abraham Lincoln himself!

As far as detail goes in Minecraft: I think this statue is pretty badass!

Last but not least, the white house from the other side. Now you can see the Washington Monument behind it. This is also where you spawn when you first download the map!

Map Details

Creator: CreatorPaul/SimJoo
(343 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7.2
Size: 68 MB
Added: 2014-12-10
Downloads: 92,558
Category: City Maps


0 Anonymous Can you send be coordinates of the building?

2018-03-01 01:29

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0 Anonymous Why cant i see the buildings on the map? All i see is islands

2018-03-01 01:29

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0 Blockhead660 Quoting Possum:
Why cant we use commands? I want to be able to tp to my friends and change my gamemode.

all you need to do is open it to lan and enable cheats

2017-07-20 23:54

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0 Possum Why cant we use commands? I want to be able to tp to my friends and change my gamemode.

2017-06-27 18:41

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-3 Stanley I went to D.C with my Middle School Band in 7th grade and, I would say, This map is quite the accurate touch

2017-06-19 00:53

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-2 Random Good job, keep building!!!!

2017-04-22 23:59

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-2 RainbowToadette Wow, this is sweet! I would recommend this to people who love these types of buildings!

2017-04-17 18:30

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-2 madisun This map was so fun and so cool. And also lots so explore!

2016-12-04 21:07

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-2 Andrea As someone from Washington D.C., this map is pretty spot on!! It's awesome, amazing job!

2016-07-17 15:36

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+3 Peter That was so awesome!!!! Best map ever!!!

2015-12-31 03:08

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+5 Awesome man This map is awesome.

2015-04-21 23:19

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+5 ermi.mecaj This map is awesome!

2015-03-19 18:48

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+5 Conchee3 This was truly beautiful. Excellent job!!!!! Would love to see more added on, i.e. Pentagon, Vietnam memorial... definitely keeping this on my computer!

2015-03-17 04:52

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+1 Elijahfrog the state hall is BEAUTIFUL!!! this is great!
its a lot better than your first creation!
and yar… its cool cool cool cool :)

2015-02-25 06:35

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+1 Skittz Now make some other place. Too awesome.

2015-02-14 17:02

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-3 JIMMY Erd Mah Grrd This Is Amazing

2015-02-08 23:43

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+1 anonyms Love it... as am inspiring architect this map amazed me so much... TNX!!!

2015-01-31 04:33

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+4 Elsa I played Some Hunger Games with my friends on this map, it was freaking awesome.

2015-01-29 15:34

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+3 1o1Ansm I kind of want to build a game map in this.

2015-01-21 09:22

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+4 CrepperChriss This map is awesome!!!!! Its soo big and every building is ´pretty wonderfull

2015-01-10 14:34

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0 djrealwolf After some TNT and a Fallout Res pack I was back in the Capital Wasteland thanks for the fun.[:

2015-01-10 02:06

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+6 EpicMC Amazing! Well done, Keep creating!

2014-12-25 22:30

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+3 lambo Oh man, this is like the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!

2014-12-20 05:50

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-10 CreatorPaul You spawn in the Washington Monument :P

2014-12-18 06:54

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-22 TaoTaoTheMinecrafter Why didn't add the Washington Monument?????? I would love it!!!!!!!

2014-12-16 09:18

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+10 IPmineer I love this I mean I have discoverd it and I am amazed why should I even go to WASHINGTON and visit I can see it here.

2014-12-12 15:03

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+1 deh gamer i already love it and i have not even used it! it looks AWESOME! but my computer is slow even with that steampunk castle and thats ONE building!

2014-12-11 21:23

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+13 Loogster888 Really nice looks like it took a whole lot of work I love it!

I love the Library of Congress the best you so need to make more maps!

2014-12-11 02:08

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