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The Rubix Cube

Created by UzairCat

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Map Info

  • This map is an adventure map so treat it like one.
  • DO not rush through the dialogues you can take your time.
  • Your render distance must be at 22 or move otherwise the map won't work at the end.
  • If you find the parkour do difficult in the map you may skip it.


You have been kidnapped by the color guardians and in order to escape you must help them by fixing the rubix cube.

Slowly you figure out that not everyone can be trusted.

You have to complete stages in order to fix it.

Special Features

  • 1.Game Play time-30-60 minutes Depends how good you are at parkour.
  • 2.50+ command blocks
  • 3.Has amazing story lines and plot twists.
  • 4.Has many sequels and prequels ready to be made.

Additional Info

If you are recording please leave my map link in the description and my YT channel.

Also I would like to thank minecraftmaps.com for accepting my map.

Thank you and have a nice day!


1.Dialogues generate more slower at a time.This makes it easier to read.
2.Punctuation in dialogues have been fixed and improved.(Like ancient)
3.Some Dialogues have been removed
4.Some Dialogues have been changed
5.When Subject 27# mentions his name the dialogue will toggle it as his name.
6.Security Orange is now a little bit nerfed.(Now wears iron helmet instead of diamond)


Map Details

Creator: UzairCat
(188 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 4.5 MB
Added: 2018-05-01
Downloads: 6,138
Category: Adventure Maps


0 #### #### Broken on the yellow battle

2019-07-13 00:58

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2018-08-09 14:57

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+1 HalfCount Rage quited on the green parkour stage... this map proves I suck at parkour...

2018-07-29 02:39

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+3 UzairCat 3000 downloads!!!!!! THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!! !

2018-06-14 03:23

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0 UzairCat Quoting David:

Thanks so much!
BE sure to play the sequel:Colors the first war

2018-06-04 09:23

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2018-06-04 02:35

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2018-06-02 11:39

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0 hhh can't get past second maze i could get past first maze because it didn't have a roof

2018-06-02 11:12

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0 UzairCat 2000 downloads!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone!!!!!!! !!!!!

2018-05-26 12:51

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0 UzairCat Quoting iplayyourmapalready:
great map thank for make this map.

No problem!

2018-05-20 19:51

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0 UzairCat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1yYOvDDF6s&t=3s

2018-05-20 18:45

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0 iplayyourmapalready great map thank for make this map.

2018-05-20 13:16

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0 UzairCat Map is almost Done!!!!
Just need to test it!
Just hope i don't get any bugs.
I will test the map 3 times for myself then i will ask a random person to test my map and then if i get bugs i will fix them,Then finally i will publish the map to this website!

2018-05-19 21:43

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0 TheDarkSavage I really loved this map, although I would advise on working on the quality a little more, a lot of spaces were missing in the diologe.

2018-05-19 15:48

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0 UzairCat Colors:The First War map Percentage:
Building:20% out of 20%
Command Blocks:40% out of 50
Endings:10% out of 30

Map is almost done!

2018-05-19 15:05

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0 UzairCat Never mind lol.Tell me if your’ll find any bugs in the updated map.Almost done with the structures in the next map.Command blocks will be easy!I will make the command blocks tomorrow and Saturday and if I finish the map will release this month :)

2018-05-17 16:28

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0 UzairCat If your;ll wanna play the new update your'll must wait for minecraftmpas staff to update the page.I did update the map so thee only you must do is wait for the staff to update the page.

2018-05-17 12:45

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0 iSponge I Really Really Liked This Map, It Was So Creative! Also, When It Will Be Continued? Keep Up The Amazing Work! :D

2018-05-16 11:46

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0 UzairCat So Guys!
Today i am not busy so i will put most of my time on the map.
Same thing will happen tomorrow,Thursd ay,Friday and Maybe saturday
I will try to finish all the building parts in this week and a little bit of commands.
The Percentage Of the map is at 5%

This is the the % of the whole map:
Building (Lobby,Castle,ect)=15%

Its More work than it sounds!
I am looking forward to finish make the map.
Hope you enjoy the new updated Version of the rubix cube

-Map Maker UzairCat

P.s. There are 3 endings.

2018-05-15 13:32

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0 UzairCat Map Has Updated to 1.1!
I wanna Thank Algoodoo for the feedback!
Enjoy the map!

2018-05-14 21:42

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0 UzairCat Quoting ender lord:
after that can you contiue kim's story i loved the map didn't know you where voting i had school :(

I will make it after! So stay update!

Also thanks everyone for 1000 downloads and 100 votes!

2018-05-13 23:03

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0 ThisDudeHere I really REALLY liked it! It had great gameplay and a wonderful plot. The only thing I would say is maybe cut down on the dialouge? Although nessacrry it was just a lot and really fast too. Overall I loved this map! Congrats on your success and I'm looking forward to the sequels!

2018-05-13 22:42

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0 ender lord too bad I can't help im a ok builder im good a pixel art :(

2018-05-13 00:41

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0 ender lord Quoting UzairCat:
Voting has ended!

The winning map is Colors:The First War
Colors:The First War = 7 votes

Kim's Continued Story = 3 votes

Colors:Origins = 3 votes

The map may come out in May or June!

Also after that map there will be another voting.
So stay active on minecraftmaps.com !

after that can you contiue kim's story i loved the map didn't know you where voting i had school :(

2018-05-13 00:37

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-1 UzairCat Small Teaser for the new map
Map is at 3%
There will be lots of blocks in this map!

2018-05-12 22:38

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-1 Smurftin i love the maps story line and i liked you idea of color guardians but the tekst was to quick and the most of the time i was standing stil because i was reading your story line but you will make it better at the RUBIX: WARS OF COLORS or something like that just a name to the next RUBIX map hope you will see this and hey if this your first map well done man good job
ps: i like blue and purple so plz let them live and why kim why not something like James like a name with more then 3 letters but yea now he is THE RAINBOW GUARDIAN so never mind :P

2018-05-12 20:09

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-1 UzairCat Quoting Ducky:
Ah! I loved it! It was so creative and well done. For next time... I'd say have the characters talk slower and maybe talk less. I loved all of the Pat and Jen references lol!

The Next map will have less talking! and it will be more slower

2018-05-12 11:08

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0 Ducky Ah! I loved it! It was so creative and well done. For next time... I'd say have the characters talk slower and maybe talk less. I loved all of the Pat and Jen references lol!

2018-05-12 02:45

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-1 UzairCat Quoting xXakhoejXx:
it a very good map

Thank you!

2018-05-11 23:51

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-1 xXakhoejXx it a very good map

2018-05-11 20:20

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