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The Iron Rose

Map Download:

Map Trailer

Map Info:
The Iron Rose is an advanced Puzzle/Adventure map that focuses on story and problem solving, rather than just an endless stream of mobs. Put your minecraft knowledge to the test in your pursuit of freedom.

Our custom resourcepack is included in the map download.

- Custom Textures
- Custom Sounds
- Interactive Storyline
- Advanced Puzzles
- 2-4 Hours of Gameplay

The map is made for singleplayer but works in multiplayer too!

What to do if you're stuck:
Step 1: Investigate the rooms closely, search for details that sticks out.
Step 2: Look at your "own" thoughts in the chat. They often contains clues on how to beat the current puzzle.
Step 3: Think logically. The puzzles often have simple solutions, you just have to see it from the right perspective.
Step 4: If all above fails, try asking on the comments if someone else have beaten the puzzle and can help you.
Step 5: Lie down and cry.

For a complete walkthrough of the map, check the forum page.

Known bugs in versions before v1.2:
- Original version:
There's a bug where in the last vault room (where you get the blueprint) there's a spawner not activating. If so you need to break the floor under that room and activate the pressureplate.

- Version v1.2 and Original version:
If you spam the animal code buttons before you've dropped the shoes in the dropper it might bug out. IF that happens type these commands in this exact order and then press submit:
/scoreboard players set @a m 0
/scoreboard players set @a f 0
/scoreboard players set @a wh 1
/scoreboard players set @a w 1
/scoreboard players set @a e 1

This map was made in Minecraft 1.7, it's important to play on the same Minecraft client version. Learn how to change your minecraft version in our guide.

Need help installing? Read our map installation guide.

Author: SlaimCraft
Map Version: 1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.7
Size: 21 MB
Date Added: 2013-12-13
Downloads: 101626


0 #220 Satirasa 2015-07-17 20:34
Quoting ZombieBrine27:
I'm at the part were you have to get the password to save the guy that will be executed. And the animal codes don't help at all. pleas help

You needa find all 3 of the green-emerald blocks, then click the buttons in front and read the first letters of each animal.
+1 #219 MiniShocker 2015-06-28 22:17
when im in the jail cell and i receive the thing saying 'place on black block on the cell floor' it wont let me. At all.
0 #218 Micah 2015-06-05 15:23
It doesnt let me trade the teeth and mushrooms with Walter for the smoke bombs. I move them to trade and the smoke bomb wont come up for me to take it. Its been so fun playing so far so can someone please help me?
+2 #217 DERP 2015-04-25 00:07
Awesome map! Only got stuck a few times, but a figured it out. Keep it up!!!
+1 #216 Lolloxx 2015-04-11 00:16
Loved it.
This was, in lack of a better word, AWESOME! :D
Loved the interactive talks!
***SPOILER*** (?)
[[Cracked up when I hears her answer to "Your Mom!"]]
+1 #215 Boom 2015-03-09 05:16
First off, a very good and fun map to play. Just the right difficulty for me and a cool story.Now I think I found a small bug. At the last part where the clock starts ticking, you can just walk straight out of the room. No need to press the buttons. Also I killed Cornelius but didn't put the rose in the chest, because well, I didn't know that's what needed to be done. Now when I died after killing him, He won't spawn anymore and I can't get to the end scene.
+1 #214 Kitigurl 2015-02-17 02:10
I opened Big Bob's cell and he killed the guards, but all I got was rotten flesh. I can't open the second floor door. Help?
Larry Kiddle
+3 #213 Larry Kiddle 2015-01-26 07:14
Hands down one of the BEST MAPS. The mixture of puzzle and adventure will greatly perplex the player and simultaneously engage the player. The plot is well constructed and the map design is phenomenal.

0 #212 padman 2015-01-20 10:19
now here is my experience with your map-
Deployed the smoke bomb.
Map spawned about a THOUSAND slimes and didn't blind anyone.
Deleted map.
+2 #211 _minecraftlover3 2015-01-03 22:40
Quoting bob man:
i got stuck on that one part where you trade the gold shovel to the villager then i went to the little dude was and then i traded the drug dude for a bomb now i dont know what to do

plz help
throw it in the air vent
+2 #210 ZombieBrine27 2014-11-08 23:39
I'm at the part were you have to get the password to save the guy that will be executed. And the animal codes don't help at all. pleas help
+2 #209 1AllyTheCat 2014-10-23 23:09
Quoting that guy:
The same thing just happened to me! After all the slimes spawn the game is way to laggy to do anything.

Guys. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to do that. The slimes are the "smoke".
0 #208 Mikey 2014-09-01 05:10
How do i get in to the vault, i got all of the disks from the guy and i have the full key, now what?
-1 #207 Torch_flame 2014-08-25 23:02
I encountered a glitch where when I spawned in my cell at the beginning of the game, it wouldn't give me the package. Please help.
+3 #206 Bleh 2014-08-01 22:56
What do I do after I get the "Broken masterpiece" thing from junior? Pleasee help

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