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Created by a a ron [li]

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This game is currently in alpha.

The reason why this game has strange language and mysterious things is because this game takes place in the far future, somewhere around the 2900's.

Although you are very far in the future, the aliens are not. Nearing the edge of space (the universe), you are much ahead in technology than those unfortunate aliens.

Due to a law that has been kept since the 22st century, aliens are free to kill and loot. There have been some changes in this law however, but for now, you're free to kill any aliens you find. Some of these aliens however, are intelligent and strong. They will do their best to defend their planet against you.

Along with your weakened armour and your crashed spacecraft, you will have to follow the Atlas to restore your ship to full power. There will be alien traders along the way that will help you on your path.

  • Cheating will make this game unplayable
  • This map is recommended for 1-3 players
  • Playing this map will take 5-10 minutes
  • This map is for version 1.14.1


Map Details

Creator: a a ron [li]
(35 votes)
Version: 3.5
MC Version: 1.14.1
Size: 5.7 MB
Added: 2019-06-02
Downloads: 2,516
Category: Adventure Maps


0 ItsAce Did a video on this map and gave my review. It was pretty fun, really enjoyed making a video from it and I suggest others give it a go

2019-06-15 13:48

+3 Minecraft123loll This map is very good 3 levels its very very good i rate this map 10/10

2019-06-07 09:11

+7 Harrison in your description you said 22st lol it should say 22nd

2019-06-06 11:34

+5 Thunder Gabe Awesome map, I do wish there was more to do with the armor and weapons but I suppose that is because it is an alpha. Overall very fun map. I made a video on your map you can check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WLg6zc-DFs&feature=youtu.be

2019-06-06 07:24

+2 ImRuzzu Love the idea but i think you should make the ''worlds'' more tricky, it's so easy to reach the end of the map. I also think that you should reset the player inventory every time he goes to another planet. GOOD JOB!

2019-06-05 05:13

+1 SeriousCraft that sun... xD

2019-06-04 20:48

-3 patz100 (The game only available to mac user) so only for trash computers?

2019-06-04 02:51


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