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Created by McLolington

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The weakness swirling within your mind halts as you rise from your bed, only to be find yourself surrounded by walls foreign to your memory. Your lifeless bed has multiple tubes lurking underneath it, as if it were some form of a life-support system.The air that your lungs, much to your discomfort, gulp down is stale and ice-warm. You notice a button to your side, and press it, blind to any consequences that could occur.

Welcome to science.

1. Do not break blocks.
2. Please do not taunt any equipment you are provided throughout the game. They could become enraged and betray you.
3. Play in peaceful mode.
4. Remember, test yourself before you wreck yourself.
5. No specific video settings are required, although high fog range and fancy graphics may create lag during your game.
6. If you create a youtube video with this map, please link the download in the video description and credit me, then link said video in the comments section here.

Do not break these rules unless absolutely necessary.

Map made by McLolington.

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Creator: McLolington
(19 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 561 KB
Added: 2013-07-05
Downloads: 69,524
Category: Adventure Maps


-1 blahblah are there any other maps similar to this?

2015-07-04 14:07

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+2 WarL0ck29 Had a lot of fun playing this out :) It was pretty challenging but we did good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exFXgxGnxIc&list=UUQ_Pw64GuiIBGSaz7_9Q1Zg

2015-01-06 00:57

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+4 Mine1105 The part in caht says (To be continued, is that ACTUALlY the end?)

2014-05-13 12:06

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+5 todd it was great I love the end!!!!

2014-04-25 22:26

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+4 Kermit9 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL56PdarDvf0wPOJSpP7PmTJhtYmhA3QaG

Playlist of my play through of the map. Very good and portal-like.

2014-03-31 03:27

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+4 Kanax135 Totally portal-like map, was very good anyways. Iron bar parkour a bit hard, but very very pleasing to play this map.

2014-03-20 07:04

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+10 Maria I really liked this map A LOT! The story is strongly related to portal but nervertheless: great work!
Going to play the second part now!

2014-01-21 10:54

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+5 tyy1 almost directly taken from portal/ portal 2.
still fun

2014-01-18 15:20

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0 TheMinecraftDaily Quoting Mythstars:
How do you get out of the church? I know that it isn't the end, but I don't know where to go.

There is a tunnel near one of the benches u go down that

2014-01-08 05:32

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+6 TheMinecraftDaily Quoting dom:
how do you get out of the sickness/nausea/blindness room with the bed or is that the end

I dont know about u but i got through it just fine

2014-01-08 05:31

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+5 TheMinecraftDaily My videos I made on this map:

Part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePMfLFELWxY

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e5aSC1HGVg

2014-01-08 05:30

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+1 N1njacat176 I'm currently doing a lets play on this series and if you want to, check it out on my channel aN1njacat176 (the a in the beginning was because it wouldn't let me use the name! Thanks google.)

2014-01-07 18:39

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+5 ryan7789102232 lol it was good map i got through it and it was hard and fun! i barely got out of the church

2013-12-15 18:52

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+6 Mythstars How do you get out of the church? I know that it isn't the end, but I don't know where to go.

2013-12-06 20:02

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+11 supguys24 Quoting dom:
how do you get out of the sickness/nausea/blindness room with the bed or is that the end

you have to drink the milk in your inventory then find the way out trust me

2013-11-12 19:39

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+8 frizzie11 Hi,
absolutely fab map! cannot wait til part two! Well done, really nice layout, thank you very much!

2013-10-23 10:07

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-1 Sarmster this had lots of text and was quite hard to follow.

2013-09-29 11:24

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-8 supersmarthead Am I the only one who found this map boring?

2013-09-24 19:01

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+2 Kyle_Starman Quoting drkalmenius:
Does it end in the room once youve drunk the milk?

no you go sleep in the bed and it goes on from there.

2013-09-20 20:56

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+5 Kyle_Starman I thought this was a great map with the sounds, crazy AI, plus the absolutely AMAZING storyline I'm glad i chose this as my first downloaded map.

overall rating 5/5

2013-09-20 20:55

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+5 Chuck I did a play through of this map, go check it out if you want


2013-09-07 04:10

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+4 dom how do you get out of the sickness/nausea /blindness room with the bed or is that the end

2013-09-01 16:21

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+2 drkalmenius Brilliant map but i cant get out of the room with the bed.

2013-09-01 16:08

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+4 drkalmenius Does it end in the room once youve drunk the milk?

2013-09-01 16:02

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+3 kreeperbro Im stuck in the little maze under the church HELP!

2013-08-25 19:23

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+7 Ethan Unken It was fun! I liked the clever sound effects and it seemed pretty solid. Immersive and hey, who doesn't like a little portal inspiration.

2013-08-11 05:49

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-21 Eve This just felt like a Portal rip off to me. It was boring, too.
0/10 would not play again.

2013-08-05 18:57

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+5 MCGurl This.Map.Was.Aw esome. Only one thing wrong with it;
At the horse part, I saw no horse. It kinda messed it up. I think maybe you should make a 1.5.2 version, maybe a pig instead of a horse?

2013-07-30 08:45

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+9 penmoss This was a great map. The strongest part of the map is the way you are able to pull a player in-not many maps can do that nowadays. Whilst playing, I found myself with a feeling of dread, as if I was playing a survival-horror . (I have demmed this map a Science-surviva l map.) The idea that both AIs were mentally unstable gave a great feel of being watched and crazed.

My playthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NTzFbf-qhg

Visual: 3/5
Sounds: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Gameplay: 3/5
Overall: 4/5


2013-07-30 02:01

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+3 Euthera Team Played it through and loved it!
We did it with two people (shhh) but it was still fun and fantastic!


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2013-07-30 00:47

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