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Dream Adventure

Created by legendARY_steve

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In your sleep there is an awesome dream adventure where you jump, run and fight this is a dream so it will not hurt in the real world adventure awaits you.

There will be a boss fight and a weird story

You will see grammatical error I'm not good at English.


Map Details

Creator: legendARY_steve
(181 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 44.5 MB
Added: 2018-03-31
Downloads: 4,649
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 HII really good map!

2018-06-06 23:09

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-10 Matey_Picha this map is cery very hard & very very shit this map have very very lags & bugs

2018-05-13 16:27

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+2 JB Is it horror?Jumpscar es or anything?

2018-05-13 07:03

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+5 Jack Quoting Nightshade:
me too im stuck and annoyed :(

theres a thing called gamemode 1

2018-04-23 22:28

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+3 BellyWelly I LOVE THIS MAP

2018-04-14 21:02

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+1 KingWilly07 the part when you answer all the riddles and you have to shoot the lights. Is SO annoying

2018-04-14 19:52

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0 legendARY_steve Quoting Nightshade:
me too im stuck and annoyed :(

You need to fire the button at your upper left to release the squid

2018-04-13 21:23

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-3 FlyCroc This map was ok. Could had have better English and easier minigames. Got stuck loads of times.

2018-04-10 23:47

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-2 Guy Despite awful grammar, visuals are pretty good!
But in some places, minigames are nearly impossible to complete

2018-04-08 15:00

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0 SomeTsea This was an okay map. I could only understand about 61.6% of what was being said, but overall it was a nice map.

2018-04-08 03:46

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+2 Jiale when i played the game it spawned me really high up and drop me down and then i died now what do i do

2018-04-05 16:15

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0 Nightshade I'm stuck on the first part when your chased around by the ground thing that looks like a crocodile coming out of the ground to eat your feet someone please help me!
p.s its the vindicator part.

2018-04-04 20:13

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-2 Nightshade Quoting guime:
im stuck at the castle part where i fight all the vicandotor what do i do next pls elp me

me too im stuck and annoyed :(

2018-04-04 20:10

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+1 tmk that is the worst map i have ever played. I couldn't understand a word. It was also made very poorly.

2018-04-02 21:30

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+3 guime im stuck at the castle part where i fight all the vicandotor what do i do next pls elp me

2018-04-02 10:27

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+2 legendARY_steve when you in the nether stuck in the hole and can,t move /tp ~ ~1 ~
if you been suffocated in a nether quartz ore /gamemode 1 and in the poisonous tree that Maurice made and lit the portal
when the prophet says and when you click the just leave it and in the hole at the throne

2018-04-01 09:48

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+2 theflyingteabag Is it suppose to go beyond the point where you get stuck in the hole while in the nether by the voice that tricks you?

2018-03-31 23:07

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