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Crack in the World

Created by Bauwks

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Your car has broken down so you head to a nearby town to stay the night. You soon learn that something is going on around there. What is that man running the power plant up to? You have to explore the area to find out and stop him!

Crack in the World is a short adventure map focused on story and special effects. In typical adventure fashion, you go around exploring places, talking to NPCs to gather information and items, and unlocking the next part of the story. I would not consider this map difficult. It can be completed in approximately 30 - 40 minutes.


  • Awesome cutscenes and special effects
  • Custom resource pack with block shapes, textures, sounds, and music
  • An epic finale


  • This map is for Minecraft 1.8.1 (no mods).
  • Please turn off all other resource packs. There is a custom resource pack in the level directory so if you're playing in single player mode then it should load automatically. If you're playing on a server then the '' file in the level directory can be installed just like a normal resource pack on the clients.
  • If you're playing on a server then you must enable command blocks in the server config.
  • The map looks best when particles are set to "All" or "Decreased" and your render distance is greater than 6 chunks.
  • I tried to keep this compatible with multiplayer so it should work with multiple players if you stay somewhat together. Let me know if it works or breaks.

*Resource pack contents were created by me with the exception of music by Kevin MacLeod and Kai Engel.

Map Details

Creator: Bauwks
(160 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 20.36 MB
Added: 2015-01-06
Downloads: 166,937
Category: Adventure Maps


-1 Dadyno I think this map is broken in Java Edition 1.14. Judging from the videos of another people playing this map I'm supposed to see humans, but instead I see villagers. The people are supposed to talk to me, but the villagers are silent and only shake their heads when I try to interact with them. When I look at my resource packs, I see what the resource packs are "incompatible". This map looks like a very cool map, but it's unplayable! Please fix it!

2019-05-30 19:36

+3 Lars a good map but a little bit short

2018-07-20 15:15

+14 TheMapExpert Probably one of the best maps I have ever played. It has a very good story, and like only few maps that exist do, it makes you THINK. I love this map!

2016-07-04 15:47

+9 12azqha wow amazing map i ever played good game BAUWKS

2016-03-20 07:07

+3 Koulatko The ending is so sad but it`s awesome map!

2016-01-27 19:41

+10 The Mackinnator An amazing map that you guys need to play! Here is a video to show you how it is!

2015-12-13 17:55

+14 MumboJumbo Great map, but the ending is kinda sad!

2015-11-01 16:53

+6 Scrippio Nice map. Was a little bit short and not too much problem-solving , but overall very professionally done.

btw I liked the starting of the car engine.

2015-09-05 04:12

-2 ktmh96 Just posted 2 videos of me playing this map on my channel. You can watch them here!
Part 1:
Part 2:

2015-08-28 14:21

+9 LillyXGamer This map is so good. Although short it was entertaining and I loved the ending

2015-07-18 04:24

+10 armyman91 saddest ending ever. by the way i like the music. score : 10/10

2015-07-17 06:14

+8 AdventureMan One of the best maps i ever played, Realy Cool

2015-07-08 12:16

+9 Zacksmc I did a let's play! Check it out on Youtube under my channel, zacksmc! Loved it. Great story, awesome cutscenes, and cool ending. The only problems were lag when the lava rose. Please make another one.

2015-07-06 19:26

+8 ZeldaFr3ak I think , that the map was very nice and it was only perfect! The music was awesome and I liked it , I played it with my friend together and we both thought the map only awesome , BIG THUMB UP! Maybe it was a little bit too short but it was good!

2015-07-04 12:24

+7 Rocket12 Quoting I have no name:
Cool cinematics! It could have been better if
you couldn't move during them but this is still
My favorite map! 10/10 MAKE MORE

I've actually seen cooler cinematics in a map I play called "Lift 9 Asylum" and the intro was a FLAT OUT CUTSCENE!! No standing still while watching some people talk! It was like, a LITERAL cutscene! But I still liked this map.

2015-06-27 19:35

+13 I have no name Cool cinematics! It could have been better if
you couldn't move during them but this is still
My favorite map! 10/10 MAKE MORE

2015-06-26 00:37

+13 zomniepigsman828 great map I loved the ending

2015-06-20 04:00

-10 Rocket12 Map Intro = Amateur use of signs...c'mon! You know how to use command blocks!

2015-06-13 20:56

+11 MineMage50 Your A genius!!! I loved the map! thanks!It would be a crime against humanity if you didn't make more.

2015-06-13 13:31

+10 TheIvekPivek Really nice map i loved to play it

2015-05-28 09:51

+6 GabAndRod Nice Work man i really enjoyed it

2015-05-18 09:34

+5 Harry Petrie I thought that this map was amazing and I enjoyed escaping the lava. Well done and keep making great maps like this one :)

2015-05-16 17:08

+18 iiKCii I loved this map... The ending made me cry.

2015-05-09 22:23

-5 Robert Hi, This game is incredible, but I guess you should add a little bit of story, It could improve it, because I finished it on 20 mins... so

2015-05-06 23:39

+5 Neutrix I say its a REALLY good map but its short but good effort!

2015-05-05 23:53

+9 NutBall262 I love this map I have played it like 5 times it is SO fun

2015-05-03 23:16

+9 xXNKgamerXx it's one of my favorite maps. there's a lot of effort in it. GREAT WORK! :)

2015-04-25 18:38

+6 BillyIsMe Great Map! I really enjoyed it + EPIC ENDING

2015-04-25 16:26

+5 Drivablellama tbh this was really really fun. I liked the ending cinematic but it was kinda anticlimactic :/ overall 10/10 for storyline but i wish the volcano wouldnt have just ended it all after i had stopped the whole bomb thing.

2015-04-25 04:16

+4 TapirMoose I recorded your map and I must say this is either one of the best or the best adventure map I've ever played. Amazing job! If you want to check out the video, here it is:

2015-04-22 23:06


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