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Minecraft YouTubers

YouTubers and minecraft have a long storied history together. When the game was first released to the public, it was just a small indie game and didn't have a huge marketing budget that could easily project itself to the masses. Instead, it relied more on pure word of mouth and a very dedicated community to grow and ultimately become the phenomenon that it is today.

Arguably a large part of that growth can be accredited to YouTubers who first started featuring custom minecraft content such as maps on their channels. Not only did it promote minecraft itself, but it also encouraged others to create in-game content in minecraft for their favorite YouTubers and everyone else to play.

With that in mind, we decided to make this page as a form of respect for those who still support the minecraft community by creating videos for people to enjoy.

Map LetsPlays & General Minecraft Content

Below is a list (in no particular order) of all YouTubers who still regularly play minecraft maps on their channel. Check them out if you're just in the mood to watch rather than play!

(This is an incomplete list, more will be added soon)

DanTDM CaptainSparklez UnspeakableGaming
MooseCraft Crainer PinkSheep
no_leaf_clover RTBFrebel Fortune Ventures
MewKittenSoul AnfriH CrazyCowMM

Minecraft Map Making, Commands & Tutorials

This is (an incomplete) list of Minecraft YouTube channels related to map making, commands and general in-game content creation tutorials.

Many of these YouTubers are established map makers.

Phoenix SC
MumboJumbo TheRedEngineer Grian
IJAMinecraft slicedlime Cubehamster
NeoMc MrGarretto ItsZender
Cloud Wolf xisumavoid ilmango
rsmalec Adrian Brightmoore Jigarbov

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