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1. Parkour Country v1.0 - 2022-08-07
2. Five Night's At Florial's v1.0 - 2022-08-07
3. Flying Tropical Island v1.0 - 2022-08-07
4. TenSquared v1.0 - 2022-08-07
5. Lost Dream v1.0 - 2022-08-07

Updated Maps

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SkyBonus Remastered


SkyBonus isn't a normal SkyBlock. It's special, there are lots of objectives to do and there is also a monument to complete.

Creator: SYN_Cruelty MC Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-11-25 Downloads: 7,817
(324 votes)
File Size: 1.55 MB

Volcano Survival Island


Test your survival skills as you try to make progress on this volcanic island!

Creator: VoxVoid_ MC Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-11-25 Downloads: 24,407
(845 votes)
File Size: 11 MB

Survival Island Extreme!


Welcome to Survival Island Extreme! In this map you must complete 20 challenges while surviving on this island! Around the map, you will also find Structures with loot to help you out with your journey!

Creator: ForgeLogical MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-07-23 Downloads: 44,549
(1889 votes)
File Size: 7 MB


Shrouded V1.0

Want to experience the feeling of "true darkness?" Step into the chamber and immerse yourself in it. This map focuses on lack of sight and memorization; radiating a feeling of helplessness. This isn’t your regular Survival Challenge.

Creator: VoreyAddicted MC Version: 1.12 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-07-16 Downloads: 17,022
(820 votes)
File Size: 21 MB

The Albatross

mc maps The Albatross 1

You are a crew member of a freighter spacecraft, “The Albatross”, but something went wrong. Your ship has crashed on a frozen planet and you’re lucky to be alive.

Creator: Lebrenth MC Version: 1.10.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-06-21 Downloads: 22,674
(779 votes)
File Size: 169 MB

The Zombie Apocalypse: Remastered


This is a remastered version of The Zombie Apocalypse 1!

Creator: Bramblestar_ MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-05-25 Downloads: 51,314
(1978 votes)
File Size: 4.8 MB

Sky Den 2000

Minecraft 1.11.2 5_20_2017 7_44_16 PM

Remember the regular Sky Den map? Well, this is completely different. I have created a completely new Minecraft survival map! Click on the title to learn more about this map.

Creator: Sergun_303 MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-05-23 Downloads: 16,929
(618 votes)
File Size: 5.67 MB


mc maps SkyProgress 1

This custom map is an evolution of SkyBlock with a lot of other things added.

Creator: Team Engine MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-05-15 Downloads: 66,189
(2864 votes)
File Size: 1.6 MB


main sky

Take on quest's and adventure in this interesting journey through a realm in the sky.

Creator: MP_PlaysYT MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-05-15 Downloads: 60,360
(2194 votes)
File Size: 31 MB

The Apocalypse


This is an episodic survival map series with a story. Episode 6 has now been added!

Creator: Bramblestar_ MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-05-02 Downloads: 44,094
(1471 votes)
File Size: 26 MB


mc maps dmv 1

Survive waves of monsters and complete challenging objectives with the help of three iron golems.

Creator: xjmmjbn MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-03-05 Downloads: 14,521
(547 votes)
File Size: 1.3 MB

Zombie Apocalypse II: A New Society


After The Legion's defeat, The Conquerors are getting power hungry. 

Creator: Bramblestar_ MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-02-11 Downloads: 38,440
(1831 votes)
File Size: 19 MB

The Rodney Project


1 Room. 9 Days. How long can you last?

Creator: Awska_Weelsun MC Version: 1.11.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-01-29 Downloads: 15,403
(780 votes)
File Size: 27 MB

Shriveling World

shriveling world

This is a survival map where the player tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ridden with natural disasters.

Creator: Kanenine MC Version: 1.11 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-01-18 Downloads: 87,205
(1214 votes)
File Size: 119 MB

Slice of Life


You are brought to a strange planet. Can you survive and make it to the End?

Creator: Archean MC Version: 1.11 (Java)
Date Added: 2017-01-18 Downloads: 29,435
(1142 votes)
File Size: 9.92 MB
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