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Timer Rush

Created by drack3r

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Map Info

You have a limited amount of time to gather everything you can and survive on a flat with it!

Have fun!


  • Custom crafting recipes
  • Challenging hard mode
  • Mob encasers (turn mobs into eggs)


  • Do not create nether portals
  • Do not travel long distances
  • Render distance 12 chunks


  • Kill the Ender Dragon
  • Survive as you can!


  • Have some copies of the map in case you spawn in a bad place
  • Try to collect essential items as saplings, dirt and lava nad water buckets
  • Use your mob encaser wisely! (I recommend to use them on villagers or pigs)


Map Details

Creator: drack3r
(93 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 15.8 MB
Added: 2019-08-22
Downloads: 3,340
Category: Survival Maps


+23 Nyodex The "Recipes" book does not display recipes, there is immense lag for the first several minutes of playtime, and once the timer runs out, you are infinitely teleported and cannot advance further.

2019-10-06 18:50


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