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The Lost Island 2

Created by DarkRaven215

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Map Info

After his plane crashes on another island, Charlie Eastland must find an energy source, that if not deactivated, will destroy the entire planet as we know it. He is sent back through time into the year 1972, where he must stop this enigmatic energy from obliterating the Earth.

This map is sequel to the popular map, The Lost Island. If you have not yet played it, you may not fully understand or comprehend the entire storyline. In this map, you may either play the map as normal Minecraft, or complete the objectives listed in the map download.

You will search for Ruin Sites, structures that stand testament to the primitive ancients that once lived on the island. Most of them will contain a chest that holds valuables, protected by a sinister device that summons horrifying creatures of the night. You will also find three Research Facilities left by the KAVLAN Organization, a government assigned team that was commissioned to destroy the island energy, but failed in the process.

During your many adventures, you will recover eight hidden emeralds. This is one of the several optional objectives. Should you decide to not follow the map storyline, that's okay. The map can be played any way you desire.

You may not, however, edit, remove or destroy any of the pre-built structures on the map.
The rules, objectives and much more can be found within the download.

Map Details

Creator: DarkRaven215
(74 votes)
Version: 1.01
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 4.3 MB
Added: 2013-08-07
Downloads: 138,136
Category: Survival Maps


0 ShockingSquid Love this map yo

2016-09-11 02:18

+5 starscreamer13 i think the core is the end... but idk :)

2014-07-26 00:08

+11 DarkRaven215 Here are some pictures from The Lost Island 3: Origins Revealed! There will be more to come!

The Home Base is BACK! (Link):


The Sanctuary of Kako (Link):


2014-03-21 00:55

+8 DarkRaven215 The Lost Island 3 is in production.
Expect it around April-May 2014.
HINT!: There will be other islands!
Until then, enjoy the Lost Island 2 and the original. Thanks for all your feedback and downloads!

See you on the other side.


2014-03-15 13:26

+9 NinjaMan777 Where is the exit from the maze when you hit the button and the exit closes? i got through the maze and there was a facility and a ruin but nothing else. Is there an exit? and also, where is the core? If you could tell me that would help so much.

2014-02-01 17:06

-5 Herobrine Where is the core?

2014-02-01 00:45

-7 persondum where is the velicon facility?

2014-01-18 09:00

-14 SlenderMan hi and by the way what am supposed to do with the end stone
and where do i go from the forsaken place thing cuz im stuck and cant get out please give me a hint and a hint for the end place and i accidently blew up the tree house in the map so please help so i can go on with the map please that would be helpful thank you if you rea this and please please please help me that would be wonderful if you did so read this please

2013-12-31 02:21

-7 SlenderMan hello
when u find the place where it says the brave shall enter the
intelligent shall pass and all that is that the end because theres a sign that says victory requires sacrifice and then you fall into a pit of lava and are supposed to die well i survived and am looking for a hint. if you could give me a hint that would help

2013-12-31 01:16

-5 DarkRaven215 Yes, there is supposed to be something that happens after you press the button. It needs to be fixed along with many other things. Please keep me constantly updated with feedback so that I can repair the most glitches possible in the next map update.
The Lost Island 2 v1.2.1 will be available in December. Sorry for the wait, working on a new adventure map... :)

2013-11-14 22:00

-7 iiTaZzz I found the underwater facility and the one in the mountain. Can anyone tell me if there is a 3rd and if there is where is it? I aslo found a huge dungeon and read the book and pressed the button but nothing happened? Was i supposed to do something after that?

2013-11-05 06:49

-5 DarkRaven215 There I believe three (3) facilities located on the island. As I recall the names are, HELICOR, VELICON and the last I don't remember. It has been awhile since my test play. No, there is NOT a base home and yes. It is okay to use the plane as a home, as long as you DO NOT edit, remove or destroy ANY part of the plane. Rebuild it if you want, just don't remove the original blocks. The reason for this rule is because some would take it and craft it into ingots. And, try NOT to pull the lever behind the bookcase in HELICOR facility. When YouAlwaysWin did that they pretty much blew up the whole freaking place and left a crater bigger than God almighty himself could do.

2013-10-18 20:46

-3 nianismycat123 Is it okay to turn the plane into a house as long as we don't touch the iron, lapis, ext. blocks?

2013-09-30 19:41

-3 skelotonsmasher nice job on this map i love it!! :)

2013-09-12 20:40

-8 TheGoldenNinja258 I LOVED the first one, but is there a base home on this one?

2013-09-08 17:23

-4 goalie9 how many facilities are there?

2013-09-08 02:10

-16 Isaac Johnson sounds like lost... hope it has a better ending than lost! :)

2013-09-06 00:47

+9 DarkRaven215 No, there is not another way out of the maze.
In the 1.2 update, I plan to carve out an exit for the Forsaken Place, cover the core destruction site with bedrock, maintain the operation of the Core Destruction process, remove the large explosion in HELICOR Facility and combine both the Reference Book and the extra objectives from the downloaded zip file with each other and clear a few other things up as well. I’m sorry for the confusion and dysfunctional capbilities of the map.

2013-08-19 12:57

+8 mydad001 Is there an exit from the forsaken place? I pressed the button that closed the door to the maze, and proceeded to the large room with a research facility and a ruin. Is there a second exit from this place, seeing as I closed the original exit. If so, I'm having much difficulty locating it.

2013-08-14 18:02

+3 Phillthefaffer Made it to the end part, but could not find anything with the tip from the book, ruins near by (have dug around all ruins i can find). (don't want to give to much away) I've got 7 out of 8 emeralds but have missed the bow ? (I have the end stone but am now stuck. Good map though i will burn all the trees down to see if I've missed anything?

2013-08-14 11:52

+4 DarkRaven215 This is NOT an Adventure Map. If you are looking for one, try searching under that category. This is a survival map with additional objectives and a small story. There is no line of order to find things.
Search for caves, ruins and other structures that pertain to the objectives.

2013-08-14 05:40

-2 Mydad001 I found the forsaken place and I'm not sure if there is another exit. I pressed the button at the beginning of the maze that closed the door and found the room with the research facility and the ruin in it. I'm confused because I cannot seem to find a second exit, seeing as I've closed the door leading out.

2013-08-14 00:55

+1 Unseensilence Can't seem to do anything after finding two of the facilitates

2013-08-13 04:41

+1 DarkRaven215 Don’t think that you just have to complete the objectives and then you’re done. The map is intended more for a survival island style play, just with added challenges for extra fun. You can build a house, farm, village. Whatever you like.

2013-08-12 03:59

-3 DarkRaven215 Quoting Spengler:
Really great map. Though I made it to the end and hit the button and nothing happened.

I don’t understand you fully. What do you mean, ‘nothing happened’?
I know the area you’re speaking of, but this may be a serious glitch.
I may have slightly forgotten to reset the contraption to trigger the core destruction process. Sorry, this may be a disappointment to you.
It will be fixed once I can get the time to repair it.

2013-08-11 15:41

-1 a_guy I found first two facilities, lighthouse and abandoned watchtower and a bunch of the stone brick with vine structures, but nothing else?
A bit stuck...

2013-08-11 14:00

-8 Spengler Really great map. Though I made it to the end and hit the button and nothing happened.

2013-08-11 04:08

0 DarkRaven215 If you are looking for additions to the in-game objectives, a folder within the downloaded file will present the Reference Book 2, an extension to the in-game Reference Book. Also, when you spawn in, you are meant to begin in darkness. This is not a glitch.

2013-08-08 14:29

+3 hansyman great map i really love the story how this map goes.....

2013-08-08 06:26


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