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Created by InSaNe_97

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You're the sole survivor of an ancient civilization. You now find yourself isolated on the last piece of land that somehow survived an apocalypse.

The apocalypse didn't wipe everyone out however, and the remaining survivors lived on this land once upon a time. Famine and violence eventually sealed their fate.

As one of the last two children left, you were frozen inside a capsule as a last ditched attempt to save humanity.

Thousands of years have past since that moment and eventually you awaken.

To your horror, you soon realize that the other child did not make the journey.

However, for some strange reason a massive tree has been growing  from the other open capsule.

Perhaps it's a miracle.. or maybe it's just radiation. Whatever has caused it has given you hope to survive.



  • Biome changed from "The Void" to "Plains", this also fix problem that mobs don't spawn, only place left in "The Void" biome is shop to prevent mobs from spawning there.
  • Added this book to a player for more info.
  • Added icon for the map.
  • Added two capsules, they are in story but wasn't in the map.
  • Reduced hight of the Home Dome by 1.
  • Named starting place - "Home Dome".
  • Removed starting xp which was there by mistake and changed starting position.
  • +1 secret adding.

Map Details

Creator: InSaNe_97
(420 votes)
Version: 1.06
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 719 KB
Added: 2018-05-29
Downloads: 17,205
Category: Survival Maps

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0 Hunter I just looked at the picture and I didn't know how big the island is. Is it a chunk? How big?

2021-06-16 20:12

+2 InSaNe_97 Quoting thomas:
everyone keeps talking about the market and i have no idea what that is or how i get there so im wondering if its just something i have missed?

Greetings! You just have to play map and you will automatically get there, don't worry, just a bit of playing ;-).

2018-08-12 07:26

+2 thomas everyone keeps talking about the market and i have no idea what that is or how i get there so im wondering if its just something i have missed?

2018-08-11 02:44

+2 shuo I from China.I am very like this map.

2018-07-27 23:29

+1 InSaNe_97 That's exactly what I wanted, expect for mobs that don't spawn, I don't know what is wrong with it.

2018-07-12 13:38

+3 sean to get to nether u need 10 lava buckets which is 327,680 credits
this equivalent to 5120 logs or 327,680 cobble stone!!! ridiculous!!
next tier of selling is books and quills and purpur pillar... but squid dun spawn in the map!
i tried building large water bodies between 100 and 30 but nope not a single squid spawned
i tried using a mob spawner for squid but not not a single squid spawned too
(actually no mobs spawned at all, at first i thought i did too well at lighting but nope... )
so other than the 16 ink sac and the book and quill found initially, selling books and quills is off.
as for purpur pillar... i have yet to get there but to get there u need 12 portal frame and each piece is 33mil+
making that a whopping 396mil +..???!!
you will have to chop trees worth 6.187mil logs!!!

seriously i have no idea whats InSaNe_97 planned objective for this map but i have a feeling that it might be something like
"please go chop trees for eternity"
as a apocalypse survivor i think i rather die.

2018-07-04 08:17

+2 InSaNe_97 Oh how bad you (most of you) can be, it's just unicode, simply turn it on/off and that's if, problem fixed, at least with sings in shop, I don't know will it fix trading.

2018-06-11 16:25

0 InSaNe_97 Wow, so sorry for that, don't know what's happening there, played this map with my sister for a while and everything is just fine. Even playing this map after downloading it few times, everything is good, I will see what I can do, for sure, new version coming after 1.13/14, 'll try to fix it, if anyone know and want to help me fix it, contact me at any internet address. MineCraft Maps stuff maybe can help? Thank you all.

2018-06-10 16:44

0 Tim Got the same problem with the market. The idea of the map is super great and i like playing it but without the market ity just is less fun. i hope you can fix this ASAP :)

2018-06-08 13:56

0 KS I agree with DeHayala, something went wrong with the Market. I managed to sell some wood and got the credits to show up on my screen, however it only worked one time and I couldn't spend any of the credits. After that I couldn't sell any more wood. The instructions are jumbled and make no sense. If the trading system works, I could progress a little farther, but I'm still not sure what the end goal is...

2018-06-05 05:21

+2 DeHayala I cannot for the life of me figure out how the trading system works. The signs that talked about it somehow got all mixed up for me. I typed out what I'm seeing.
"Welcome to the This is market you can buy are impossible to
survival mode 4 different earn some money Near the wall on
amd second floor, seperated from are items player sell. For some
stay levers, for buttons and for both of them means fast
they turn on, will with nearest within 2 blocks turned off, they
about 20 time second so be buttons mans trade. Current
I created this My facebook "www.facebook.c o projects".
Map suggestions desirable. Map is created for playing. Have a"

2018-06-03 17:14

+2 InSaNe_97 Thank you ;-).

2018-05-30 18:25


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